Bringing People, Process And Platform Together To Fuel Your Business Strategy
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Bringing People, Process And Platform Together To Fuel Your Business Strategy

Kate Terrell, SVP & CHRO, Driscoll’s
Kate Terrell, SVP & CHRO, Driscoll’s

Kate Terrell, SVP & CHRO, Driscoll’s

Over the past 20 years, HR has evolved from an administrative and record keeping function to one that can align critical people elements such as engagement, talent management and development, and total rewards to better enable our business results. The basics such as on-boarding new hires, data management, and other HR administration must be done efficiently and effectively to allow HR professionals to focus on value differentiating work for the business. A solid people strategy, owned by both HR and the business is a critical enabler to deliver on the company’s results. Solutions to support the strategy must be simple and effective. Technology must be used as an enabler and not the driver of process or a substitute for the people who must bring the people strategy to life. Having a talent management system does not mean a company will have effective talent outcomes. It is the combination of people, process, and platform that bring a strategy to life.

HR Service Delivery

Organizations today, in an effort to be global, employ a multicultural and multigenerational workforce, and are required to address service delivery challenges on a much wider scale. This presents a unique challenge to HR technology solutions— how to engage uniquely with individuals from different demographic and regional backgrounds. Organizations must be careful in compensating to this effect— making sure the HR service delivery comprehensively satisfies the needs of their various talent segments, while not complicating or customizing every process. If the platform is designed for all of the exceptions, it loses out on its simplicity, scalability, and consistency in performance.

HR service delivery solutions also play a major role for companies with multiple employees in multiple locations. HR solutions must help the organization and employees connect without physical togetherness, through visual platforms, electronic document sharing, and secure channels of communication. Solutions on demand enable our employees to “Live the way you work and work the way you live.”

Data and Analytics

In today’s world, people are the real value differentiator for any business. As more HR processes are enabled by cloud-based technology, we have the opportunity to easily gather more data and mine the information for insights to make better decisions for our people and our business. Quality data can tell the organization about the retention risks and growth of their people; HR teams can now define each individual, hence better engage with them. They can also better understand trend data that could have significant implications on the business. While such phenomenal capabilities are still in an infancy stage, the future holds great promise, and HR cloud solution vendors should be exploring these possibilities.

Choosing the Right Solutions

Technology is a critical enabler of process and people, and it is important to understand business requirements not only for today’s business, but also its future. Fast growing organizations that are continually penetrating new markets may need to look towards flexible, cloud-based solutions that can meet the needs of the various markets and demands. However, clearly defining the outcomes you must achieve, and ensuring you have well-defined HR processes is the first step in building your requirements and ultimately ensuring you have the right technology solution to meet the needs of your business. When HR professionals, people leaders, process, and platform all come together in the right way, it is powerful fuel to propel your business forward.

At Driscoll’s we are focused on evolving our HR organization so it can scale as the business scales. We are looking at how we bring people, processes, and platforms together in the most effective way possible so that we meet our people needs and most importantly, help the business deliver on its strategic imperatives and ultimately make progress towards our vision.

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