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Be Flexible With Your S's: Don't Attempt to Change More Than Two S's At One Time

David Halleck, VP Compensation, OfficeMax
David Halleck, VP Compensation, OfficeMax

David Halleck, VP Compensation, OfficeMax

The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier

A few examples would include:
• More robust staffing model which incorporates: business requirements, talent capabilities/competencies and workforce analytics
• Dynamic sales compensation tools that allow for customizable changing of quota and or commission components in real time situations
• Cloud solutions that co-exist with firewall and HIPPA requirements
• Efficiently uploading of necessary information on tablets for Board of Director meetings

My roles and responsibilities as a CHRO

For me, three things standout:
• Being able to navigate and steer the organisation and the HR community through the rough and sometime uncharted waters of changing market and financial swings. This translates into vision, plan and action.
• Second, understanding your workforce analytics and specifically the capability, competency and number of talented professionals needed to successfully achieve your business goals.
• Third, managing corporate governance; protecting types of information; presenting information to the Securities and Exchange Commission, shareholders, Board of Directors and leadership.

Technology trends impacting enterprise business environment

Making the connection with targeted audience by leveraging social networking channels and better utilizing our external website should create employment brand awareness and quickly presenting employment opportunities to interested job candidates. The benefits I see are:
• Identifies our employment brand
• Communicates the brand to candidates in a modern and engaging way
• Attracts and recruits more passive talent, especially for niche roles
• Builds a culture of talent scouting

Tablets are beginning to emerge in the workplace as a portable tool for staying connected and organized during the workday. I find it useful as a complimentary tool on long business trips; it allows me to quickly move between apps and is excellent in handling the deluge of emails one receives. Emerging software will allow for more practical spreadsheet analysis along with presentation preparation.

HR solutions to drive several HR processes

Completely understand your business strategy
• Align your other S's (structure, systems, style, staff, shared values, skills) to support your strategy.
• All your S's will change, be flexible: don't attempt to change more than two S's at one time; understand the relationship between the S's so you can leverage strengths and minimize disruptions.

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