Design with Empathy in Mind
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Design with Empathy in Mind

Brandy Fulton, VP of HR Operations, Citrix
Brandy Fulton, VP of HR Operations, Citrix

Brandy Fulton, VP of HR Operations, Citrix

HR solutions to improve effectiveness

For quite a while, we have been working on streamlining and integrating our talent management processes. While that’s still a work in progress, we got a lot of positive feedback from our executives last year on our Talent Review Process- they felt that the talent profile information we assembled was relevant, the presentation of teams and individuals was clear and easy to discuss, prompting exactly the right kinds of conversations about future leaders, succession, gaps and action plans. When a solution we use to gather data, analyze it and present it visually works well for something as important as this, it is a big win for us the only purpose of the system is to aid in decision making and trigger the right conversations to happen. We were gratified to learn that the team responsible for the innovative use of Peoplefluent’s iPad app for this process has been selected as the Mobile Technology winner for the 8th Annual 2013 Ventana Research Leadership Awards.

The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier

I have told our vendors that the battle for the next generation of HR solutions (and business solutions in general) will be won on 2 fronts:

• User Experience- this means understanding that end-users, admins and experts alike expect their business software to be as intuitive, delightful, and, yes- Mobile- as their social and consumer apps

Making good on the promises of business intelligence. There’s a reason everyone’s talking about “big data,” it’s because we need solutions that turn data into insight, in crisp, visual ways. If you can do that, you put decision-making intelligence into your customers’ hands. He who gets there first wins.

"Design with EMPATHY in mind and choose solution providers who do the same!"

Technology trends impacting enterprise business environment

• Mobility (whether through the cloud, or supporting tablets and other mobile platforms, etc.) is a price of admission if you want your entry to be considered in the next generation of business solutions (again, all business, not just HR)

• Social is far more fascinating, because it is changing our fundamental behavior around forming relationships, exchanging information, learning, and even our identity- we already know it’s been revolutionary for Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development. We don’t yet know all the ways it will influence performance, talent management, mentorship and leadership. Crowd- sourcing your morning traffic report is probably a very good idea, but is crowd-sourcing your performance review smart? Does that make talent data more accurate and transparent, or does it make it more vulnerable to misuse?

Lessons learned and advice for fellow HRs

The number one lesson we’ve learned is from our own Customer Experience team. Their design principles begin and end with empathy- stay in touch with your own internal customers. Observe what they do and not just what they say. Design with EMPATHY in mind and choose solution providers who do the same!

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