Many of Our Best from Current Employees Or Alumni
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Many of Our Best from Current Employees Or Alumni

Margo Mentus, SVP-HR, ManTech International Corporation

Using HR solutions to improve effectiveness

Since ManTech is an international corporation operating in 20 countries (including southwest Asia) and 46 states, a critical element of HR is utilizing tools that help us reach a large and diverse workforce quickly and effectively. Two tools we’ve used to improve the effectiveness of our employee on-boarding and performance evaluation initiatives include:

Red Carpet. Developed by Silk Road, Red Carpet is a web-based system that automatically welcomes new hires and provides them the many HR-related forms and requirements needed before they show up for work. With Red Carpet, ManTech can quickly and efficiently onboard more new hires in different parts of the world, while requiring less HR staff to do so.

E-Performance. As a part of ManTech’s PeopleSoft platform, E-Performance helps managers and HR staff to keep track of employee development and performance via online systems. Managers and supervisors can easily monitor employee goals and work with employees, regardless of their locations in the world. ManTech knows that consistent and seamless communication between employees and managers throughout the performance and development process is important to the success of the employee and ultimately, to our customers.

  ​40% of our new hires originate from referrals many of our best from current employees or alumni 

Technology trends impacting enterprise business environment Given our current political and economic climate, ManTech needs to staff quickly and efficiently, and strong referrals are the backbone of this effort. In fact, 40% of our new hires originate from referrals -- many of our best from current employees or alumni. Because our metrics have proven that great people know other great people, ManTech pays its employees for referrals. Further, we’ve explored ways to continually capitalize on the contacts of our workforce using social media and mobile-based tools. Earlier this year, our recruiting unit launched CareerBuilder’s Work@ and Mobile Ambassador employee referral applications. Both applications are designed to facilitate quick connections between employee contacts and opportunities at ManTech. Work@ is specifically designed for desktop accessibility (using Facebook contacts), while Mobile Ambassador facilitates the connection from anywhere – via an Apple or Android mobile device.

My roles and responsibilities as a CHRO

Due to the increasing importance of HR analytics, I have seen my role as senior vice president of HR, become more closely aligned with our C-suite executives. As a company providing services to our customers, our focus is people and HR holds the metrics, tools, and forecasts to place and manage the talent needed for good customer relations and sought-after solutions. Executive-level decisions now require data and key information beyond headcount and turnover. In fact, the insight and expertise I’ve developed over the years with transactional data is essential to executive team discussions and assessments.

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