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Visier's Workforce Intelligence Solutions to Uplift Business Outcomes

By CIOReview | Thursday, July 16, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: Specialized in intuitive analytics and planning solutions offering Workforce Intelligence, Visier unveiled the SPRING 2015 updated release of Visier Workforce Analytics and Visier Workforce Planning ; bestowing better insight about workforces to enterprise professionals.

Visier Workforce Analytics is a cloud solution configured with pre-built HR industry expertise unifying inconsistent and unstable work force data. This will eliminate the cost and hazardous task of data warehousing. It addresses workforce challenges swiftly and facilitates managers with insight on-demand as well as deploys enterprise-wide standardized analytics. Now Visier Workforce Analytics SPRING 2015 enable effortless data oriented decision making and provide instant answer to time-sensitive questions to HRs and managers.

Visier Workforce Planning eradicates complexities in workforce planning through agile techniques. A known fact about spreadsheets is that they are prone to errors and slow functionality. With Visier Workforce Planning HR or manager can instantly access accurate workforce data, visit updated organization structures, headcounts and costs. They deliberately balance people and financial view and connect budget constraints with workforce requirements. Visier Workforce Planning SPRING 2015 will enable user to automatically create presentations on peculiar plans and also allow them to compare multiple plans which ultimately lead to better decision making capacity of businesses. It also offers multi-dimensional planning.

The major functionality of SPRING 2015 release is that they aid stakeholders with solutions to queries related to movement of headcounts, hiring trends and turnovers and breakdown for headcount by organization.

In addition to their SPRING 2015 release Dave Weisbeck, CSO, Visier has announced the release of Visier Talent Advisor, which has caliber to resolve obstructions managers deal during decision making through catering instant access to meaningful, comparative data for essential cohort analysis.

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