Agile-1: Global Work Force Solutions to Maximize Efficiency

David Lewis Senior Vice President
Virtually every organization with a large workforce struggles with the balancing act of being agile and efficient while at the same time, carefully controlling the complex issues that accompany their workforce including: reducing costs, mitigating risks, maintaining a talent pipeline, managing statement of work and independent contractors. To add to this challenge, companies must also remain compliant with ever-changing labor legislation such as Affordable Care Act, a law that has had a significant impact on the kinds of workers companies now engage and how they engage them. All of these factors have led to an increasing demand in labor procurement solutions that not only support the internal business processes, but also provide appropriate policy controls to mitigate risks and ensure operational efficiencies.

Enter Agile•1, a technology and service solutions company that helps enterprises by tracking the necessary data to make strategic, long-term decisions about their most important asset—people. Headquartered in Torrance, CA, the company serves clients in multiple countries across the globe and operates in 17 languages.

AccelerationTM, the company’s suite of technology tools, offers automated processes to manage all of the steps in talent acquisition from requisition to invoicing. By capturing, managing, and effectively reporting on the data associated with workforce management, companies control costs, reduce risks, and streamline processes without compromising the quality of workers engaged. The tools are designed to manage all categories of workers —temporary staff, full-time workers, independent contractors, professional services—for greater control and efficiency, even in the most complex, global workforce.

Unlike many competitors, Agile•1’s proprietary technology and is built on workflows that are specific to human capital management. “We design our technology around what is important to our clients—we do not ask our clients to build their strategies around our capabilities,” explains David Lewis, Senior Vice President, Agile•1.
“The visibility our technology provides ensures that the right resources are available at the right time and intellectual capital is transferred appropriately,” he adds.

The company’s product development lifecycle is established in a collaborative fashion with the clients and suppliers. The evolution of Agile•1 ’s strategy, design, implementation and security protocols stem from its clients, supplier summits, business reviews and user sessions along with inputs from the global workforce communities they serve. This development has been transformative and impactful for the customers.

Highly regulated industries like government utilities, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and healthcare have a much greater need for transparency and cost control solutions that Agile•1 provides. “Our solutions facilitate the labor arbitrage and the use of offshore labor to help them achieve savings,” explains Lewis. To highlight a case study, one of Agile•1’s customers, a global pharmaceutical company that spent $120 million each year on its contingent workforce, wanted to reduce its hard costs. Agile•1’s integrated suite of solutions provided a streamlined process to optimize their supplier base, establish rate and contract standards, and lower administrative overhead. The controls and program management that Agile•1 provided is fundamental to their success story.

As Agile•1’s customers expand their global footprints, the company is wellpositioned with its unique technology to accommodate the specific requirements of each country and region, thereby facilitating their clients’ growth opportunities. “We will continue to provide solutions that help overcome the many challenges associated with the global workforce including various languages, dialects, culture differences, buying preferences and currencies,” concludes Lewis.

The visibility our technology provides ensures that the right resources are available at the right time and intellectual capital is transferred appropriately


Torrance, CA

David Lewis Senior Vice President

Agile-1 combines best-of-breed talent procurement technology with experienced workforce management services teams and consultants, offering a robust suite of end-to-end workforce solutions