Asteor Software: Managing Performance Dynamics

Shankar Krishnamoorthy, CEO
For many organizations, employee performance dynamics has become a significant opportunity – employee performance drives business excellence. . Today, the most crucial factor for any organization is performance management and talent development. A recent research by Forbes shows that performance management software market is over $5 Billion in size. Pointing out the key market trends, Shankar Krishnamoorthy, CEO, Asteor Software, says, “Performance Appraisal is one of the most stressful activity in any organization. Even today, many organization use parallel excel sheets for their talent planning instead of performance management tool.” The need is for a single, corporate-wide system that lets employees manage their work; managers manage people and HR to trust/use the data from performance appraisals . Also, desire to focus on employee development is high across all industries. Understanding the demand, Asteor Software developed Synergita, cloud-based employee performance management software.

“We have designed Synergita to be simple, easy to use, configurable, and indepth performance management software that can cater across all industries. The idea is to help foster collaboration through feedback mechanism, systematic performance appraisals and review individual performance to align employees with the organizational goals,” adds Krishnamoorthy. The software keeps track of all employee performance-related data, which is then collated and analyzed at an individual employee level. The management can derive insights in visual formats and make meaningful talent related decisions. It also saves significant amount of time for HR by automating follow-ups, appraisal letter distribution, etc.

In addition, customers do not have to invest on the hardware and software licenses to access Synergita software. “For example, our users do not have to login to Synergita for continuous feedback. They can do this from their Microsoft Outlook, which saves time, increases adherence, and helps in changing the culture towards continuous interactions,” says Kavitha Kalyanasundaram, Performance Management Specialist, Asteor Software Synergita also empowers employees with a dedicated feedback record, allowing management to create employee specific plans and enabling HR to configure and customize annual appraisal forms.
Realizing the need for integrated software to manage the people-processes, Synergita addresses the following issues: providing quick feedback, streamlining the appraisal cycle, providing quick snap-shots on the process status and helping employees to pass on appreciations and critical inputs for a better work culture. “While HR can set the guidelines and goals at the organization level, it is important to customize the HR guidelines to suit employees. We empower managers to do this without adding any overheads. This also helps the HR to keep pace with the business changes,” states Dhivya Swamidass, Performance Management Specialist, Asteor Software. Synergita has been successful in bridging the gap between the HR functions and employees for a growing software product developer, by providing a flexible platform to execute employee performance appraisals effectively.

With customers in the U.S., India, South Africa, and Australia, Synergita’s client list includes Energy Solutions International, Secova Management Solutions, Avalara, Boxmore, Indelox and Aspire Systems. Synergita’s efficiency is well-reflected in its success story with Radisson Blu GRT, a leading 5 star hotel that was automating the performance record of their employees. Synergita provided an integrated solution to manage the employee data, performance management processes, talent management, and other employee engagement initiatives. The software enabled HR to conduct appraisal cycles whenever needed using automated notifications and follow-ups.

Fast gaining a strong foothold in the performance management space, Synergita now focuses on the other areas of talent management such as compensation management, succession planning, learning and development.

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Durham, NC

Shankar Krishnamoorthy, CEO

Cloud-based, continuous employee performance management software.