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James C. Owens, CEO
Onboarding and backgroundscreening create some of the most significant challenges in people-management – significantly impacting the strategic success of organizations today. These focus areas have taken the general labels of “talent management” or more popularly, “global talent management.” James C. Owens the CEO of CARCO Group, Inc. has addressed these challenges by ensuring his company has a state-of-the-art technology solution that provides efficiency and integration with configurability unmatched in the industry. Headquartered in Holtsville, NY, CARCO provides paperless onboarding and background screening solutions that offer exceptional reporting and expertise in risk mitigation and compliance.

Paper-based, time-consuming and labor intensive hiring processes can significantly hinder a candidate’s first experience with an organization, and ultimately impact retention of that candidate down the road. When on-boarding processes are conducted in multiple systems and information does not flow between systems, it puts organizations at risk – from missed/lost information and non-compliant decisions to delays in the onboarding process. As a solution, the market needs the right triggerpoints and integration built into systems which eliminate manual operations and data entry redundancy.

CARCO's Onboarding Solution provides the flexibility and configurability that some of the top firms in the Global Fortune 500 have come to expect. The solution can function in a standalone mode or integrated with multiple Document Management Systems (DMS), Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), and/or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). “Our system not only helps people enter data automatically, but also helps people perform tasks before they become issues,” says Owens.

CARCO's Executive Screening Program (ESP) rescues organizations from risks and exposure caused by the damaging actions of executives that should not have been hired in the first place. ESP supports HR managers, corporate recruiters, and executive search firms screening backgrounds of high-caliber job candidates in C-level and executive positions. CARCO also offers a comprehensive I-9 and E-Verify module that makes the entire I-9 process and paperwork electronic and is currently used by some of the largest companies in the world. It helps employers verify the identity of hired employees, all in a paperless environment.
“We build technology that’s not frozen in place,” says Owens. Other companies design systems with specific work-flows. Instead, CARCO’s Onboarding Solution can be configured to manage the entire lifecycle of your employees–from new hire packets to I-9’s, drug testing, background screening, dynamic offer letters, benefit forms, and training videos, straight through to exit interviews/surveys. The system is easy, efficient, configurable and cost effective. “Other companies ask clients to mold their processes to their systems,” says Owens. As CARCO’s system is configuration-based, changes are recommended and put into practice according to best practice approaches, allowing true consulting and optimal delivery of value.”

As an example, one of CARCO’s global clients approached them with an onerous, paper-based I-9 process that was not automated or compliant. They were swamped by inefficiency and poor communication as there was no link between field-work and the home office. CARCO implemented their system, not only automating all tasks but, getting the client to 100% compliance with state and federal laws. This change provided their client with an almost 30% reduction in resources and time.

We build technology that’s not frozen in place

“We actually lead our industry in providing a flexible Service-oriented architecture (SOA), that emphasizes integration,” affirms Owens. “Further, CARCO’s onboarding system provides an excellent experience on tablets, and we plan on implementing more state of the art mobile technology during the next year.” Owens has CARCO focusing on compliance and regulatory procedures which leave companies vulnerable to conflicts. “To do it right in our business -- managing access to thousands of datasources -- having the right processes and controls in place are necessary. A unified workflow system with compliance bakedin is essential to have in place. CARCO has that.” With long-term client partnerships and a commitment to customer satisfaction, CARCO Group is indeed a "quality" company that organizations turn to for streamlining processes, reducing time-tofill and providing efficient and compliant onboarding and screening processes.


Holtsville, NY

James C. Owens, CEO

CARCO is an HR technology and risk mitigation company helping clients manage their new hire process with paperless workflow Onboarding Solution