Cuzie Corp: Promoting a Collaborative, Fluid Hiring Process

Solito Reyes II, Co-founder, SVP of Technology
Being a Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast, trained in Kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Solito Reyes II likes to take the bull by its horns and bring it down. He believes that though a fighter is skilled in striking on his feet and at grappling on the ground, ultimately, the most competitive fighter is the one who successfully combines and complements the two aspects of fighting. Similarly, on the recruitment front, though majority of the companies employ cumbersome Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), it must be complimented with smart tools that can streamline the recruiting process, provide long distance interviews, allow scalability, address Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) mandates, and ultimately reduce costs. Providing this capability in the HR domain is Cuzie Corp—a company that offers recruitment software that meets the evolving needs of today’s clients.

“Cuzie is like the ground fighting style of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in that it complements a company’s already established ATS and hiring process,” says Solito Reyes II, Co-founder, SVP of Technology, Cuzie Corp. ATS systems are great at managing data, and helping c o m p a n i e s s o r t through a lot of job applicant profiles and resumes. But ATS systems are large enterprise solutions with shortcomings that leave gaps in a business hiring process. Cuzie’s innovative applications give companies another weapon in dealing with the onslaught of job applicants and the complexity of vetting candidates down, in a cost effective and intuitive approach. “By complementing a business’s existing system and filling in these gaps, we’ve added value to the client’s overall process,” he adds. The company has introduced a lot of cutting edge technology to meet the needs of agencies and employers. Cuzie’s cloudbased platform that utilizes secured servers is one of the premier examples. This platform saves business’s significant costs from infrastructure build-out and hiring additional IT Engineers to support it.

Cuzie’s infrastructure is completely scalable and the solutions offered by the firm are written in PHP; this frees the clients from any proprietary issues, normally associated with enterprise system software. The company’s intuitive software tools follow a logical workflow, which diminish bottlenecks during the hiring process.
“We took a classic job board to the next level by integrating a one-way video interview system with prescreening and vetting features, which is a necessary part of the hiring workflow,” notes Reyes. Cuzie’s one-way interview application provides both agencies and employers the ability to conduct early round interviews across a large number of applicants, and then search and filter it down to the most qualified individuals.

In addition, the company provides the most flexible means of creating questions and composing questionnaires. Unlike other systems, with Cuzie, clients can compose a questionnaire by blending video, multiple-choice, and text based answers together into a single candidate screening assessment. For an elaborate understanding, consider the example of a client engaged in commercial and industrial lighting. They had a sudden and emergent need for a CFO/Controller. The traditional means of finding qualified candidates was too slow and expensive. By using Cuzie, the client was able to sift through 120 job applicants from across the country and quickly identified the top 8 for final interviews. On a single Saturday morning session, the client scheduled and conducted interviews with many viable candidates. Utilizing the CuzieView Video Interview system, along with its scoring system, they quickly found and hired a new CFO in record fashion.

“Going forward, we plan to further expand our customer base, learn from them and continue to innovate,” says Reyes. The company aims to add mobile features very soon and seek to solidify more strategic partners, nationally and internationally. “We will continue to innovate and implement cutting edge solutions,” he concludes.

We took a classic job board to the next level by integrating a one-way video interview system with prescreening and vetting features

Cuzie Corp

Red Bank, NJ

Solito Reyes II, Co-founder, SVP of Technology

A company that provides recruitment software that meets the evolving needs of today’s companies