EPAY Systems Uniting the Distributed Workforce through Technological Innovation

Frank Ruffolo, CEO
Organizations with distributed workforces often face numerous challenges, managing employees who work at remote locations or customer job sites. Each state has specific labor laws related to pay rules, leaves, and work hours that need to be followed. With tight margins and high labor costs, it is also not easy to keep tabs on hourly employees, who move from location to location, especially if the employer is depending on paper time sheets to track employee time and attendance.

In order to solve these complex challenges, EPAY Systems provides a uniquely flexible web-based time and labor management solution for employers with distributed workforces. This automated time and attendance tracking system helps employers control labor costs and lower the risk of wage and hour-related lawsuits.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, EPAY entered the market with the mission of providing a smarter, faster, more affordable alternative to the rigid legacy programsthat failed toserve complex labor environments. “We are a company that thrives on innovation and collaboration,” says Frank Ruffolo, CEO, EPAY Systems.

Unparalleled System Flexibility

E P A Y ’ s system, Blueforce, tracks all types of workers, jobs, and pay rates, at virtually any worksite, thanks to its unparalleled flexibility. It provides real-time visibility into worker activities, giving employers enhanced control over labor costs and productivity, while ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Says Ruffolo, “It’s very important that people get paid correctly. It’s also very hard to do in complex labor environments.”

EPAY’s mix and match data collection methods work for any labor environment. For example, the Blueforce Mobile PunchTM application transforms any phone or tablet into a portable, handheld time-tracking device. It does not just capture the date and time, but actual GPS location. Employees can also punch in by time clock, web, or via telephone Integrated Voice Response (IVR) technology.

Other modules in BlueforceTM include labor budgeting, real-time alerts for managers to track if a worker has failed to clock in or if a job is poised to go over budget, as well as an employee-scheduling program. The company also offers a costeffective alternative to printing pay stubs with their patented biometric time clock, which slashes printing and distribution costs in half.

“Our customers range from large, multinational organizations to small, local employers. The major industries we focus on are Business Services, Healthcare, Retail, and Construction,” says Ruffolo. The company also partners with Paychex, NetSuite, Sprint, and the National Service Alliance (NSA) to deliver complete payroll, telecommunication and technology solutions.

One EPAY customer and service provider of housekeeping, laundry, and food services to the healthcare industry was faced with various issues related to manual time collection, including frequent errors, inefficient payroll processing, and inconsistent workforce management between different divisions and locations. By using Blueforce, the customer was able to take full control on worker scheduling, time collection and approval, accruals and balance management, and PTO requests. Automating things like payrule calculations allowed the company to streamline its time tracking and payroll processes, resulting in significant time and labor cost savings.

“Unlike our competitors, we quickly adapt to meet the emerging needs of our target markets. We connect with our customers on a personal level and balance their technical expertise,” says Ruffolo. “EPAY helps organizations with scattered workforces deploy a time and labor management solution swiftly and efficiently, so they realize labor cost savings almost immediately,” he adds.

Into the Future

Going forward, “We will continue to expand our product offering by listening to our customers’ technical needs. We’re also focused on making our technology easier for ‘non-English’ speaking clients,” affirms Ruffolo.

We have built a time and labor management solution and put it in the cloud, making it affordable and flexible to address our clients’ workforce management challenges

EPAY Systems

Chicago, IL

Frank Ruffolo, CEO

Provides efficient labor management solutions for employers with distributed workforce.