Globoforce: Delivering Social Recognition through Industry-Leading SaaS Innovation

Eric Mosley, CEO
Today’s multi-generational, global workforce requires a more social, personal approach, where all employees are empowered to spot and recognize great work and achievements. Globoforce helps companies build strong cultures of engaged employees through the power of thanks and recognition. Headquartered in Southborough, MA and Dublin, Ireland, the company provides SaaS-based social recognition software that help HR and business leaders take a modern, more strategic approach to recognition programs. The result: measurable business results, qualified by increases to employee engagement, retention, and productivity.

Globoforce’s unparalleled innovation in social recognition helps companies connect recognition with company values, ensuring the right, behaviors and performance are appreciated and rewarded. Social recognition also provides ongoing data on employees’ performance via the crowd, giving managers the data to help inform talent management, including performance reviews, succession planning, and more.

When an employee receives an award, they can choose a gift that is highly personal and meaningful through access to unlimited choices globally, including shopping, dining, entertainment, adventure, travel, pampering and charity. The award is also displayed on an internal social newsfeed, which helps amplify the award across the company, creating a highly visible cycle of positivity. Today, millions of workers in companies the world over using the company’s SaaS platform.

“It’s impossible to overstate the value of recognition in the workplace. A positivity-dominated workplace has been proven to increase morale, reduce turnover and positively affect the financial health of an organization. The ability to recognize, thank and reward a global workforce over one platform builds a culture that is a true competitive advantage,” says Eric Mosley, CEO, Globoforce.

Globoforce has enhanced their own work culture through their own robust recognition system, Globostars. The company’s workers have described the workplace as warm, energetic and innovative, where a sense of pride in achievement is palpable. Additionally, despite a busy global workforce, the communication remains strong amongst the team due to the award-winning technology and mobile application associated with the program.
IM Flash, maker of the most technologically advanced flash memory in the world, made the strategic decision to enhance their recognition program to a more modern solution – one that would empower broader employee participation. The recognition program they had in place had low visibility, was not widely adopted, and required multiple ad-hoc processes, many of which were manual. IM Flash considered building a program in house, but decided that working with a vendor was the best choice, and after evaluating several vendors, IM Flash selected Globoforce as its recognition vendor. Glo- b o f o r c e was not only able to provide values-based recognition but also deliver the solution through a social SaaS-based platform, allowing IM Flash to benefit from ongoing enhancements and improvements. Backed by Globoforce’s global technology and operations, the company has created a unified culture of recognition across its diverse workforce. Within just three months, the program nearly doubled its reach (going from 45 percent reach in the previous program to 86% of employees). The reach figure rose to 97 percent during the first year of the program.

Globoforce’s 2014 Workforce Mood Tracker survey revealed that 86 percent of employees who receive recognition for efforts are more motivated in their job. There is little question that recognition drives motivation and productivity in employee performance. It has consistently proven to be a business imperative that is a crucial factor for success. With such innovations, Globoforce will continue to help business leaders engage their employees within the dynamics of today’s changing workforce. The new era of appreciation and recognition has arrived.

The existence of a positivity-driven culture has been proven to engage employees, reduce turnover and positively affect the financial health of an organization


Southborough, MA

Eric Mosley, CEO

Recognition drives employee engagement, motivation and loyalty; improves a company’s productivity and profitability and builds relationships together