OrangeHRM: Open Source HRIS for Organizational Development

Sujee Saparamadu, Founder and CEO
The emergence of the information era has brought in new capabilities to ascertain an employee’s competitiveness. Access to Human Resource Management software (HRM) can make a big difference to any organization in tracking the entire life cycle of employees.

Headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, OrangeHRM’s free Open Source version, Community edition and advanced customized hosted applications, gathers employee data to build a robust and centralized HR management system. Organizations using Excel or paper base forms to manage employee data can now utilize the free Open Source HR solution. The Community edition has all the basic features a normal SME organization needs to run a HR department. “Our system empowers the managers to focus more on strategic activities since they get a uniform view of employee related information. This helps them to optimally utilize their human resources and take informed business decisions at the click of a button anytime anywhere,” says Sujee Saparamadu, Founder and CEO, OrangeHRM.

OrangeHRM is feature-rich, intuitive and provides an essential HR management platform along with free documentation and access to a broad community of users. For businesses growing out of OrangeHRM’s Open Source version, the advanced edition, OrangeHRM Professional provides a comprehensive, cost-effective HR solution for small to medium-sized businesses operating within a single country. The third edition, OrangeHRM Enterprise is an extendable version of the Professional, which includes advanced, rule-based engines for effective multi-country HR management. The system uses symfony framework with plug in architecture making it easier for upgrades and feature development than legacy systems.

OrangeHRM’s popular HRM software has thousands of clients relying on the product for Personal Information Management, Employee Self-Service, Leave Management, Time and Attendance tracking, Performance Evaluation and Recruitment. The current advanced Paid Time Off (PTO) or Leave module offers a wide range of functionalities such as leave type creation, leave accrual, and leave carry forward. This module is of significant importance as computing Personal Time Off (PTO) is a major challenge for most organizations. The accrued PTO balance payable, if computed incorrectly, can result in legal implications for the employers.

A customer can configure the OrangeHRM’s powerful rule base engine without going back to the drawing board again

The accruals based on labor rules or company specific PTO rules, are hard to implement on Excel, spreadsheets or payroll systems. “When statutory regulations change, it should be easy for the HRIS system to adapt to these changes. With OrangeHRM, a customer can configure the powerful rule based engine without going back to the drawing board again,” notes Saparamadu.

For instance, OrangeHRM’s PTO module, has been implemented successfully for a major Technology Company across 35 countries. This has helped the finance team to run risk reports and other related reports across all the countries. The transparent leave system enabled managers to approve and schedule leave applications of team members across the globe. The system also assigned access to employees to view the leave calendars of team members.

Used by over a million users, the company’s global clientele spread across industry verticals include major stock exchanges, universities, technology firms, consumer product companies and services companies. “We have been a disruptive technology vendor in the HR domain and we have over 3 million active production users around the world using our Open Source and Cloud software,” claims Saparamadu.

OrangeHRM frequently updates and improves the HRM software—the signs of a company that values their client needs in addition to a skilled development team. The recent product enhancements include the OrangehCare module developed for insurance brokers in the health care industry, and the enhanced version of the OrangeHRM mobile application for Android. On the anvil, are plans, to add more analytical tools for data mining, canned reports on analytics of the HR data and the inclusion of successions planning in the HRM’s Performance module.


Secaucus, NJ

Sujee Saparamadu, Founder and CEO

Provides a flexible and easy to use open source HRM solution.