PeopleMatter: Driving Change with Superior Workforce Solutions

Nate DaPore, President and CEO
High turnover rates in conjunction with the growing part-time workforce are seen as key challenges by a number of organizations today. Nate DaPore, President and CEO, PeopleMatter was quick to realize this when he saw his friend being challenged with retaining and developing talent in the restaurant industry. Having been in the HR technology space for 15 years, DaPore sought to use his vast experience to bring about a change and built PeopleMatter, specifically to address the talent management issues around hourly workers—in the retail, hospitality, and service industries.

PeopleMatter has built a range of superior talent management solutions over the years. Its product, HIRE, is an online hiring software with built-in sourcing, tracking, screening, and onboarding features. HIRE helps companies find better candidates, ensures compliance in the onboarding process, all the while, enabling organizations to perform personality assessments, background checks, tax credit processing, and I-9 E-Verify. PeopleMatter’s other offerings include, LEARN—a mobile learning management system that is used to train and develop a company’s skilled workforce, eventually improving performance, and SCHEDULE—an engaging workforce management system that enables employees to create and optimize schedules easily with PeopleMatter’s online system and mobile apps.

The most recent addition to the PeopleMatter product family is PEOPLElytics, a business intelligence tool that gives real-time prescriptive business analytics. Fundamentally, it aggregates data from numerous sources and provides insights that help executives make key operating decisions. All the products feature an intuitive user interface, and are built on a multi-tenant single-instance SaaS platform, enabling seamless roll out of software updates to end users. “PeopleMatter is an incredibly easy-to-use, ‘one-thought-perscreen’ system that is adaptable to a wide and diverse workforce,” says DaPore.

Placing PeopleMatter at the forefront of the crowded HR industry is the company’s exclusive focus into the particular vertical. “PeopleMatter is the only people management platform that is specifically built for the unique service industry needs and workflow goals,” says DaPore.

PeopleMatter is the only people management platform that is specifically built for the unique service industry needs and workflow goals

The platform is engineered to handle multiple brands, locations, and high turnover in a large hourly workforce. For all the sophisticated features and modules present in the PeopleMatter platform, it has a very user-friendly and elegant design that makes using the system a walk in the park.

Currently, the Affordable Care Act is driving growth in the part-time workforce. Propelling this is the fact that numerous companies run single digit margins and they are unable to provide benefits to their full time employees. As a result, the companies are increasingly transitioning from a full time workforce to a part-time workforce and having the employees scheduled below 30 hours, so as to stay under the full time requirement for providing benefits—a big ongoing trend, which PeopleMatter addresses effectively with its scheduling tool. PeopleMatter has reduced the annual employee turnover for various large companies like, Applebee’s, Wendy’s, Country Fair, and The Palm Restaurant.

“Our aim is to change the way the employer and employee interact in the workplace,” says DaPore. PeopleMatter is focused on expanding its product footprint into other verticals and intends to cater to at least 100,000 organizations, by the end of next year. “We will continuously innovate and release frequent software updates, pushing more technology into the marketplace,” adds DaPore. The company has some exciting new offerings in the product pipeline for the coming year, including the expansion of mobile functionality around performance management, rewards, and recognition.


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Nate DaPore, President and CEO

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