ZeroChaos: Rendering Operational Excellence with Innovative Solutions

Harold Mills, CEO
Every company needs to have an effectively managed workforce that reflects their ability to serve their customers while creating business growth. The staffing industry has played a significant role in managing these operations for the companies around the globe. ZeroChaos is known for providing operational efficiency and cost savings without creating conflicts of interest by providing staff. Harold Mills, CEO at ZeroChaos says, “ZeroChaos was created to truly ‘float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee’. Like a butterfly, we have a high-level view of the entire industry, and when we decide to sting like a bee, we can bring highly targeted pinpoint solutions solving immediate problems for our customers.”

Headquartered in Orlando, FL, ZeroChaos is a workforce consultancy providing transparent contingent workforce solutions. The company answers some of the most common challenges of the HR industry such as sprawling supply chains, rising costs, or shrinking quality talent pools, growing business and regulatory risk exposure, with its agile and innovative solutions. “We offer a breadth of services unparalleled in this industry, designed to reduce cost and risk for our customers while driving measurable performance improvement,” says Mills.

ZeroChaos’ solutions include Managed Service Programmes (MSP), providing a gamut of management services such as supplier management, talent sourcing and fulfilment, reporting and analytics; Independent Contractor Compliance, collecting and storing worker documentation in the cloud, defining compliance protocols ensuring correct classification of workers; and Statement of Work, bringing efficiencies and savings offered by the MSP solution to service providers operating under a statement of work.

ZeroChaos also offers Alternative Sourcing Solutions and Vendor Management Solutions (VMS). VMS, as a part of MSP, is the award winning technology of ZeroChaos entrusted with driving operational efficiencies, managing and procuring contingent workers and services. “Excelling at both the vendor management side and the managed services side puts us–and our clients–in a solid position to realize significant time and cost efficiencies,” Mills adds.
ZeroChaos’ Employment Screening solutions works as an addon. The solution, as the name suggests, administers background screening services for the workforce. “While we offer Employment Screening Solutions as a standalone service, companies have really found value in being able to order compliant background checks via our technology, and having reports delivered to them in the same way,” Mills says. The company has recently launched the ZC Mobile app, enhancing ZeroChaos’ functionality.

The company differentiates themselves from the competitors with an ability to flex to their customers’ needs and innovate solutions accordingly. “Our extraordinary breadth of solutions, which are delivered via our Web-based platform, provides year over year value to our customers,” claims Mills.

ZeroChaos’ believes in the quality of their solutions, to define the company’s success. “Our customers have consistently agreed that our vendor-neutral approach is a superior model,” states Mills. Describing the company’s effective solution delivery is the success story of a Fortune 100 IT services firm, one of the long-standing clients of ZeroChaos. The firm needed a solution that would help reduce the outflow of billions in capital on contingent labor and still attract customers across the world.

ZeroChaos offered their Private Label Sourcing model allowing the client leverage their own brand, avoid retail mark-ups, and reduce cycle times. Consequently, the client saved millions of dollars annually.

We operate from our customers’ perspective rather than a supplier’s


Orlando, FL

Harold Mills, CEO

A workforce consultancy providing transparent contingent workforce solutions