CD2 Learning: CD2 Learning System of Engagement

Becky Sterling, President
A talent management system is comprised of the four pillars; recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and compensation management. A responsive and winning content strategy is needed to support talent management functions such as on-boarding and succession planning, as well as other information management needs of the organization. The war for quality resources in the talent management space leads to lack of strategic human resources lowering the learning and development tangent. To overcome these impediments, CD2 Learning has developed an ecosystem with built-in content authoring, simulation, learning management and talent development in a scalable cloud-based setup. The premier firm increases engagement through rich multimedia simulations, gamification, social collaboration and micro learning. “Most importantly, we reinforce learning through easy to use practice opportunities, while providing valuable analytics, tracking, reporting and learning management,” affirms Becky Sterling, President, CD2 Learning.

With CD2’s ecosystem, each piece of content and assessment question is aligned to a particular learning outcome. When the user completes the learning and takes the assessment, the Personal Learning Path dynamically generates additional content needed to ensure learning goals are met, based on established criteria configured by each client. “We define content as a granular asset, an element, a single, distinct type of information,” says Sterling. These building blocks are grouped as uploaded files, authored content, and embedded resources. Each reusable asset is meta-tagged and associated with searchable fields such as name, description, keywords and references. Such granularity allows for immediate and easy location of a significant desired resource, all mapped to specific learning outcomes. “Unique to our system is the built-in patent pending gamification and simulation engine called, Innovator,” affirms Sterling.

Moreover, CD2 offers a customized talent development ecosystem combining the Ken Blanchard Companies’ leadership content and library, CD2’s Talent Development Toolkit and Learning Process Map (LPM). The Talent Development Platform consists of a focused library with proven content that can be enhanced and practiced through the use of Leadership Process Map and toolkit.
The LPM helps users navigate a series of micro-size lessons and activities tailored to meet the training needs of any organization, industry or group. As users progress through the LPM, they can earn badges, points and recognition for their efforts. A leader-board promotes engagement, day to day coaching, and shows at-a-glance progress which is an added advantage for micro learners. The ecosystem supports the entire employee lifecycle from onboarding and performance management to succession planning, with career track management and granular reporting.

Unique to our system is the patent pending built-in Gamification and Simulation engine, Innovator

In an interesting example a well-established, 30 year old management company recognized that, as globalization occurred and organizational structures became more diverse, traditional classroom training could not be scaled. In order to solve this challenge, CD2 Learning created an online learning system that supported a continuous learning model to help people learn and apply leadership skills. Using this talent development toolkit, the organization gained a documented, real-time system that supported team members to improve overall communication and effectiveness.

“Ours is a HCM 2.0 ecosystem with a development team committed to solving individual customer needs and flexible enough to address the requirements of the changing workforce,” says Sterling.

Going forward, CD2 Learning plans to create and enhance mobile applications in the talent development space. Some of the current projects of CD2 Learning are the expansion of the Talent Development Toolkit and stretching the Gamification Analysis Framework. CD2 Learning also plans to enhance mobile application development by building on the Collaborate Process Maps (Patent Pending).

CD2 Learning

Overland Park, KS

Becky Sterling, President

Provides content authoring, simulation tool, learning management, and talent development through a single scalable solution

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