Columbiasoft: Revolutionizing HR with Paperless Document Management

Jim Kemp, Marketing Communications Manager
Transforming HR operations with its paperless technology, Portland, OR based ColumbiaSoft—a document management software company— assists HR departments with electronic management of large volumes of workforce and company records. With an in-depth understanding of information management, ColumbiaSoft caters to its customers’ challenges with a platform for structured management of HR files called Document Locator. The document management system enhances an organization’s ability to store, search, and automate the immense amount of information in the HR department. “Our system manages electronic files, converts paper files and documents into digital format making the content full-text searchable and easy to locate, and replaces paper-based forms with electronic forms,” says ColumbiaSoft Marketing Communications Manager JimKemp. In a nutshell, Document Locator increases productivity and reduces risks and expenses, while complying with HR regulations and policies.

Uniquely integrated with Microsoft Windows Explorer, Document Locator offers HR departments a user-friendly experience, while allowing them to take a paperless approach to improve business. Along these lines, Kemp highlights that, “allowing people to work in environments they are already accustomed to helps ease the transition to paperless and lowers the training curve.” Document Locator stores everything from application materials and resumes to employee forms and insurance forms—all in an electronic, searchable format. Addressing the growing concern for security and privacy, ColumbiaSoft’s software secures access to files and records every action that occurs. File activity, approvals, views and even attempted views are all recorded in the system’s audit logs.

Enabling HR teams to make faster decisions, Document Locator automates workforce processes such as employee reviews, change of status requests, and expense reports. For example, workflow can automate procedures for on-boarding and separation so that all the necessary steps are taken when an employee arrives or leaves the company.
Electronic forms convert paper-based forms into digital, for instance with status change requests. The system also allows for complex searches and cross-referencing of files; for example, when staff need files of employees who match certain criteria such as a particular language skill or certification. Kemp, who believes that efficient management of paper and electronic files plays a critical role in the speed and accuracy of decisions, underlines that, “Document Locator ends the chaos of paper, email, and shared network folders.” It manages employee files in controlled, electronic folders with the added benefit of automated workflow.

Document Locator ends the chaos of paper, email, and shared network folders

Organization and filing is streamlined as well. Auto naming and auto filing eliminates all the time spent putting files away and makes them easier to find again later. Pre-defined rules automatically build folder structures and name files according to standards, eliminating ad-hoc filing methods that can cause mix ups with HR records keeping. Even the multi-part folders used in HR for employee files can be quickly scanned and categorized into the system.

Information managers use Document Locator software to control and share paper and electronic documents, e-mails, faxes and electronic forms. Further highlighting the product’s efficacy, Kemp refers to a case study in which ColumbiaSoft deployed its Document Locator at WestCentral Independent Living Solutions (WILS), where paper files were building so large that a mechanical filing system was considered before choosing to go paperless instead. In timesheet processing alone, up to five people were spending half their time at work processing paper. Now, with Document Locator, a job that ran into deadline every other Friday is done by Wednesday and dozens of hours of employee productivity are saved for other more valuable work.


Portland, OR

Jim Kemp, Marketing Communications Manager

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