Evolution HCM: Providing End-to-End HCM Solutions in a Single Platform

David Meagher, President
Organizations today seek a “new world of work”—one that requires an unprecedented change in strategies for human resources and senior leadership. Companies are recognizing the need to increase their focus on workplace culture and employee engagement, fostering growth and productivity. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) an inevitable requirement, organizations demand a software that meets these requirements plus features, payroll, payroll tax management, and HR benefits in the system along with employee engagement. Evolving with the market demands, Evolution HCM, a Vermont-based company with a national footprint provides a cloud-based solution that offers full-featured payroll and payroll tax management-specific products including employee benefits management and HR software to service providers.

While the primary focus of the company historically has been in the payroll and payroll tax space, it has recently invested heavily in a new end-to-end, single-source solution with payroll, tax management, applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, HR administration, employee and manager portals, time and labor management, performance reviews, and analytics all in one solution. “Instead of providing individual products to our clients, we provide our payroll software and HR in a single platform,” says David Meagher, President, Evolution HCM.

“Our payroll, HR, and tax management software was created by service bureau professionals to provide our clients (service providers) with unparalleled accuracy, productivity, and financial control,” remarks Carol-Ann McGregor, Vice President, Engineering, Evolution HCM. The company’s SaaS-based HCM software manages payrolls of all sizes and solves many of our clients’ complex HR needs. The software provides features, flexibility, and preeminent practices to handle nearly every type of payroll, regardless of complexity or uniqueness. “Unlike other software providers who require third-party tax engine software, Evolution HCM includes a full-featured, built-in tax management engine,” informs Kathey S. Palmer, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Evolution HCM.

The company’s Evolution Advanced HR product—a full-featured Human Resource Information System (HRIS) solution, includes a unique combination of employee collaboration with traditional workforce management, enabling managers and employees to access and update the information with ease.
“One of the more unique features of Evolution Advanced HR is the Employee Portal that encourages and supports employee collaboration and engagement in addition to traditional employee self-service functionality,” says Palmer.

Instead of providing individual products to our customer, we provide our payroll software and HR in a package

“Packed in a single solution, our Evolution HCM Suite includes Payroll and Tax Management, Employee Portal, Evolution Advanced HR, Evolution Analytics, API Gateway and other solutions,” delineates Meagher. Most of the company’s service provider clients select the Evolution software solution that best meets the needs of their individual end-user customers, as needed. In one instance, the company provided its new API Gateway (Evolution’s new integration tool) to a client that had developed its own new hire onboarding tool. The client was able to adapt its solution to Evolution because of the flexibility and ease of use of the API Gateway features built into Evolution HCM.

“We engage actively with our clients and enhance our materials, sales and operations training and product delivery to help them grow their businesses,” remarks Palmer. The API, User Interface feature set and agile methodology deployed for Evolution software positions Evolution HCM ahead of the competition. Forging ahead, the company has plans to release new predictive analytics software in the upcoming months. “In 2016, our entire product solution set will be enabled with e-benefits, mobile and tablet solutions. We will also be focusing on a new time labor management system and will continue to release new products in the upcoming year,” exclaims McGregor.

Evolution HCM

Colchester, VT

David Meagher, President and Carol-Ann McGregor, Vice President, Engineering; Kathey S. Palmer, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Provides an end-to-end, single-source solution with payroll and tax, on boarding, HR administration, employee and manager portals, time and labor management, and analytics