Flock Software: An All-in-One Platform for Agile HR Practices

Raj Singh, CEO
Raj Singh, CEO of Flock (www. helloflock.com), informs that onboarding and managing employees, benefits administration, and compliance are crucial tasks that consume an abundant amount of paperwork in the HR department. Since more time is spent on managing documents, the complexity and frustration increases while performing all these HR tasks. “Having worked at both large and small companies, I have firsthand experience in being inundated with paper based multiple processes and products. This is common across industries and a single cohesive platform is the need of the hour for HR, Benefits, and Compliance,” says Singh. This experience and thinking led Singh and his cofounder, Chirag Bhatt, to founding Flock. “Our platform, Flock, brings all the processes and tasks of HR onto one simple and easy to use platform,” states Singh.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, the firm provides an all-in-one software platform, to manage HR, Benefits, and Compliance. “Our platform addresses the small-midsize businesses’ challenges across multiple ‘touch points’ that includes on-boarding employees, tracking time off, employee engagement, and off-boarding, in addition to having a robust benefits administration platform that adheres to compliance,” says Singh. Moreover, the platform also provides employee engagement capabilities which in turn increases their productivity and loyalty towards the company. Flock, the platform, enables HR to effectively draw the attention of the workers in all their activities and builds a good rapport between them by conducting polls and broadcasting messages. Additionally, Flock has incorporated functionalities within the platform to enable announcements regarding birthdays, anniversaries, company and other events.

As a customer centric firm, Flock emphasizes on the principles of simplicity and focus to meet customer demands. “Our focus is towards adding only critical and important features into Flock, and ensure that these will be beneficial to the end user, save them time, add convenience and engagement,” asserts Singh. “We have designed and developed our solution for specific use-cases, which makes our interface and code cleaner and the product much faster.
Ultimately, the simplicity and effectiveness of our product will be our biggest differentiator for our partners and employer customers.” Furthermore, to stay more agile in the HR landscape, Flock is steadily investing on innovations to keep ahead of the curve among other players.

Flock is designed to simplify SMB HR and Benefits management and improve productivity. The platform addresses the small-midsize businesses’ challenges across multiple ‘touch points’ that include on-boarding employees, tracking time off, employee engagement, and offboarding

In the product definition phase, Flock’s philosophy is to actively involve customers, get feedback, and incorporate the desired features in the product. All Flock products are frequently experimented in the presence of customers, and other service providers, to ensure that the value to customers remains intact and the promise made by them to their customers is preserved.

For the road ahead, Flock intends to be the fundamental system of record for the employer and provide a simple and one platform solution. “Our goal is to create simplicity, convenience and compliance for our customers, and not to constrain their choices. With this in mind, we made a policy decision early on to work with Insurance, Payroll Service providers and other partners who already add value to our customers,” concludes Singh.

Flock Software

San Francisco, CA

Raj Singh, CEO

Provides a free, paperless and automated system for administrative tasks required to onboard and continuously manage employees limiting risks and liability.