StarGarden: Flexible HR, Payroll, and Scheduling Solutions for Workforce Structures

Marnie Larson, CEO
The use of technology is increasing at a rapid pace, and work is becoming more complex and interdependent, leading to increased workforce migration and changes. The rapidly evolving work environment, advanced technology tools and internal systems consolidation are driving an overall technological boom for the human resource industry. However, with the attempt to get the needed information, organizations are going out of the way to purchase a variety of systems, big and small, in-house and SaaS, resulting in a siloed approach to managing their workforce. StarGarden sees this as an opportunity to provide a toolset that brings all these systems together and gives users task lists to work off of. “In addition to providing a fully integrated HCM/Payroll system, our latest release, StarGarden 5.0, has a fully embedded workflow builder that allows an organization to define the competencies and authorities that exist in the organization and route tasks accordingly.We are providing interoperability between all of the different systems an organization might have,” says Marnie Larson, CEO, StarGarden Corporation.

The company’s flagship offering, the StarGarden HR suite is a position-based system that captures detailed information on the workforce with extensive reporting and analytical functionality. The Payroll module within the HR suite can handle payroll in Canada, U.S., Australia, and New Zealand and is designed to eliminate redundant data entry operations and streamline internal processes. “The platform has the functionality to prepare reports to the government and year-end reports. In addition, our annual support contract covers the updates required to keep the platform compliant on the payroll and reporting side,” says Larson. In addition, StarGarden also offers time and attendance functionality as part of their HR and Payroll suite. This functionality is provided by leveraging their online clock, with a mobile device or a touch screen monitor for logging in. The solution can also be integrated with biometric readers and other time clock devices making it versatile for different types of workers.

“Our products, offer unprecedented flexibility and are used in organizations that have complex employee contracts in relation to pay and benefits and deductions,” says Marnie.
The solution helps HR departments to manage the employee life-cycle effortlessly by creating workflows for common processes, and streamlines everyday HR tasks.

Let StarGarden’s 30 years of experience help manage your most important resource. Get the right resource on task at the right time with StarGarden’s advanced HCM, Payroll, and Workflow functionality

StarGarden has been able to offer this functionality to many large firms and government bodies. In one particular instance, a hospital was able to implement StarGarden’s integrated HR/Payroll application and use that as the system of record to drive workflows. The Performance Evaluation workflow alone saved the organization $100,000 in hard costs per year and allowed them to move from annual performance reviews to more frequent goal setting activities. The success of the Perfor-mance Evaluation workflow led to more internal processes being streamlined and automated such as leave and training requests. “We feel our approach to defining authority and competency and using that to drive workflows gives the organization an effective way to manage and monitor organizational change,” says Marnie.

StarGarden will release SG5 in the 4th quarter of 2015, a feature rich solution that includes an embedded workflow builder to define competencies and authorities to simplify task routing. “With SG5, an employee will be able receive information from different systems in the organization,” says Marnie. Designed to be compatible with the firms other offerings, SG5, can also be used in conjunction with other major IT product brands available in the market. In doing so, clients will have the advantage of not replacing their existing system to gain additional functionality making it a cost-effective option.


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Marnie Larson, CEO

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