TalentGuard: Engage and Retain Employees Simply with TalentGuard’s Talent Management System

Linda Ginac, CEO
With turnover at a record high, companies are struggling to attract, retain, and engage top talent. The problem is particularly acute with Millennials who now make up more than half of the workforce,” begins Linda Ginac, CEO, TalentGuard. This Austin, TX, based company addresses the challenge of attracting, retaining, and engaging talent with its innovative talent management solutions.

When asked the question, “Why did you leave?”, a majority of employees will answer, “My boss (or the company) didn’t care about my career” or “I saw no (or limited) career growth opportunities.” An employee who sees no future with their current employer will be less engaged and productive and will eventually leave. This by itself can create critical skill gaps in the organization that can negatively impact a company’s top and bottom-line performance. Retention is a key goal of engagement.

TalentGuard’s innovative cloud-based Talent Management Suite improves employee engagement by empowering employees with career self-management. With Career Path by TalentGuard, employees can freely explore job roles within their company and build aspirational career paths. Career Path automatically identifies gaps in skills, capabilities, and experience and recommends learning options such as on-line courses, links to training material, and coaching and mentoring opportunities. Employees can create and collaborate on individual development plans based on their career interest and skill gaps and are empowered to assess skills and levels of expertise to understand talent gaps and needs as their company grows.

Additionally, “Our solution helps employees gain insight into job role expectations thereby eliminating performance review and career development surprises,” says Ginac, “By improving engagement in this way, employee productivity is maximized,” continues Ginac. “Building performance management around employee development is the holy grail of talent management and is exactly the kind of so-lution we deliver at TalentGuard.”

The company's innovation centers on being the leading predictive people development company. For instance, the firm is innovating in the areas of predictive flight risk, high potential, optimized personal learning, employee development paths and career path exploration.
With access to an employee’s career history, interests, performance scores, assessments, and feedback, HR and the leadership team can be agile in succession planning with the identification of high-potential employees. To power a company’s talent management initiative, TalentGuard devised the Career Core Competency Framework, a structured and standardized competency-based taxono-my. “Our framework includes soft competencies, technical skills, experience standards, and qualifications as the foundation for creating job role profiles. We also offer the pre-built job role library. This enables companies to use an integrated and cohesive global approach to managing, devel-oping, and deploying talent,” comments Ginac. With this approach, companies have a comprehensive view of their workforce skills, experiences and aspirations at an organizational level that truly enables employees to have a preference in their career development.

Companies struggling with retention and engagement need a comprehensive and fully integrated software suite that connects employees to their company and career in a deeply personal and meaningful way

Having powerful and easy-to-use software and a comprehensive framework enables organizations to gain valuable insights about their company for decision-making. Companies like Starz Entertainment and Heartland Dental use TalentGuard’s software solutions to develop and engage talent, creating a high performance global workforce.
Ginac's deep domain expertise, leadership qualities and a passion to bring out the best in people is what makes the company highly innovative. TalentGuard partners with companies as value creators to bring about changes that impact the heart of organizations and the bottom line. Through integration and partnership with other best-of-class technologies, the firm serves a primary role in the Human Capital ecosystem.


Austin, TX

Linda Ginac, CEO

TalentGuard solves the employee engagement and retention problem with easy-to-use performance, 360 feedback, career pathing, succession, development, compensation, and certification tracking software for midsized to large enterprises