AcquireTM: Talent Acquisition Simplified

Jason Barnett, CTO & Co-founder
To ensure success, businesses need to ensure they have the right talent on board. While every organization has unique needs in recruitment, the scarcity of personalized hiring solutions, lack of automation, and the ever-growing complexity in meeting compliance requirements in talent acquisition is posing a stiff challenge. Companies that are spread geographically require one simple solution which helps them to easily audit, report, and manage their recruitment processes. With its roots as a software consulting firm developing custom solutions, the Las Vegas-based EON Applications, Inc. developed AcquireTM as an answer to the demand for a comprehensive talent acquisition suite.

AcquireTM lets users define their own unique recruitment workflow where each and every process can be customized according to the user’s needs. “Our solution provides a seamless experience right from creating a job requisition and approval, to job posting, applicant tracking, personality assessment, background screening through onboarding,” says Dennis Barnett, Managing Partner, EON Applications, Inc. As a one-stop solution, businesses can manage their talent acquisition processes electronically in a single system without having to bank on any other tool. AcquireTM’s automation-based workflow helps businesses to move away from spreadsheets and leverage intuitive tools and integrations to drive decision making. AcquireTM generates detailed reports that provides transparency into the overall recruitment process. “From a compliance perspective, recruitment processes for geographically-spread organizations can be managed within a single system,” says Jason Barnett, CTO and Co-founder, EON Applications, Inc. The compliance mechanism in AcquireTM is designed to support Federal compliance requirements such EEOC and OFCCP and AAP.

AcquireTM helps clients build a positive hiring experience, while improving cost-per-hire. One of its features, the Career Center, can be seamlessly integrated to the client’s corporate website to attract more candidates. These efforts are supported by integration to leading social media websites and job boards extending a company’s reach to a greater number of candidates.

AcquireTM’s extensible and open API allows third-party integration that brings greater capabilities such as background screening and personality assessment into the system.

Our solution provides a seamless experience right from creating a job requisition and approval, to job posting, applicant tracking, personality assessment, background screening through onboarding

The company’s recent collaboration with Spark Hire means an organization can setup screening questions for its open position and ask the candidates to share their answers over a one-way video. Once the videos are shared, AcquireTM’s users get the notifications about the video interview submissions helping them to drive recruitment efficiency while reducing cost. ‘We don’t settle for easy, we make it easy and effective,” points out Jason.

For instance, one of their clients wanted a new prospective hire to be instantly moved into a project. While the client’s recruiting team was in India, the management team was in U.S. AcquireTM automated the end-to-end process by triggering actions such as background screening, onboarding and routing the candidate information across teams in the organization for verification, approval, and initial setup of the credentials for the new hire. The client wanted to double check the candidate’s source information and Acquire acknowledged this need instantly. “There is no custom programming or script writing, we are just using the tools that are already built in,” affirms Dennis.

Reflecting on his team’s efficiency, Dennis says, “If you are successful in bringing together diverse people who work cohesively, then you can produce a product that is well received.” Building on its expertise in managing talent acquisition, the company is looking to impact the HR arena by expanding its talent acquisition platform to a full human resource information system. “Since we have the information and technologies for the employee file, calendaring, scheduling, document collection and e-signature, HRIS is a natural progression for us,” concludes Jason.


Las Vegas, NV

Jason Barnett, CTO & Co-founder

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