GreenJobInterview: Video Interviewing Platform for Cost-Effective Hiring

Ryan Mulholland, CEO & President
Success of an organization is a reflection of its workforce efficiencies. An effective workforce hinges on intuitive recruitment strategies that are designed to attract the best talent. Innovation in the recruitment field was triggered by the economic downturn a few years ago, which paved the path for technology companies to redefine the hiring paradigm. However, cost and time challenges in the recruitment arena still lingered, calling for a more inventive approach. GreenJobInterview, a company that offers cloud-based video interviewing solutions, was driven by the idea of streamlining the recruitment process.

Established in 2008, GreenJobInterview introduced video interviewing to cut the time and costs that are involved in the recruitment process. By bridging the gap between recruiters and candidates with its digital platform, the company succeeds in building an environment for authentic and productive interaction. The video platform helps hiring companies and recruiting agencies brand short videos while empowering candidates to fully explore in-person interaction in a virtual environment. Its solutions run on desktops and mobile devices through a web-browser and an intuitive mobile app.

“Our platform enhances communication through video enabling face-to-face interaction between the interviewee and the recruiter, speeding up the hiring process and cutting down time and cost in travel,” says Ryan Mulholland, President and CEO, GreenJobInterview.

Being a cloud-based video interviewing solution, GreenJob Live supports the scheduling and execution of live interviews with two or more participants anywhere in the world. GreenJob Live enables organizations to engage online with global talent, thereby saving time and travelling costs for the recruiting departments and agencies. In situations where recruiters are limited on time, GreenJobInterview provides GreenJob One-Way, a solution for individual video recording and sharing that allows recruiters to screen applicants faster. It also provides the hiring organizations and candidate an equal opportunity to put their best foot forward. Companies can bring customized, relevant questions to the interview, and candidates can offer their best skills and answers through recorded interviews.

Our platform enhances communication through video, speeds up the process and cuts costs by reducing travel associated with face-to-face meetings

Once the responses are shared, recruiting staff can quickly wade through the candidate recording stockpile, push potential candidates up the ladder and schedule a live interview to help decision makers carry on with their online review from anywhere on any device. Additionally, the GreenJob One-Way solution helps them build consensus by rating candidates in a collaborative environment.

GreenJobInterview ensures a seamless video interviewing experience through measures like scheduled live Success Checks, ATS integrations, reporting and tracking of key metrics, group and individual training and regular client meetings. The company has created many success stories as it strives to drive recruitment efficiency for organizations across many industry verticals. One client, the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) needed to expand its candidate pool both nationally and internationally but had limited resources for recruiting. They incorporated GreenJobInterview’s solution for pre-screening candidates and the results were outstanding. Wal-Mart Stores, another client of the firm, was able to save nearly $5M in travel costs every year by deploying GreenJobInterview’s solution to conduct its first round of video interviews. These case studies substantiate the company’s success in the video interviewing sector with its powerful recording environment, built-in setup assistant, account management service, and features to help recruiters to keep track of their candidates.

As the world grows more digital and mobile, GreenJobInterview is committed to creating greater products and services for organizations looking to identify and partner with the best talent available while reducing their environmental footprint.


Costa Mesa, CA

Ryan Mulholland, CEO & President

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