Reflik: Crowdsourcing to Fill Job Vacancies

Ashish Vachhani, Co-founder & CEO
Today, the talent acquisition process has become a challenging activity owing to factors such as increasing costs, longer time frames to fill vacancies, and mismatch between the demand and supply of skilled workers. However, the enhanced utilization of crowdsourcing and social media sites for recruitment along with intelligent technology tools and the consolidation of internal systems are transforming the recruitment process. Further assisting this revolution in the Human Resource arena is Somerset, NJ-based startup, Reflik, founded to fill jobs easily, quickly, and for half the cost of traditional recruiting methods. Reflik is transforming the traditional recruitment process by allowing independent recruiters and individuals to seamlessly work with employers to fill open job positions while improving the quality of hires and decreasing per hire costs.

“After a company posts an open position on the Reflik platform, our large recruiting community refers candidates from their databases and social networks to Reflik,” says Ashish Vachhani, Co-founder and CEO, Reflik. “We then utilize our proprietary algorithm and screening methods to identify the right candidates and deliver the ten most qualified candidates to the employer within a ten-day period.” Each company is provided with a dedicated account manager, who provides excellent service and can be contacted in case of any query. Reflik is a unique marriage between technology and white glove service.

“Reflik’s delivery of ten qualified candidates, for each position, shields corporate recruiters and hiring managers from going through a boatload of resumes and interview requests being turned down,” delineates Vachhani. The platform also enables independent recruiters to focus only on recruitment while the company manages other tasks including account management and payment follow-ups. The platform allows organizations to hire top talent efficiently for almost 50 percent less than the cost of headhunting agencies.

The platform allows organizations to hire top talent efficiently for almost 50 percent less than the cost of headhunting agencies

Another important aspect of Reflik’s business strategy is social recruitment and the integration of the platform with social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, enabling its users to easily share and refer jobs to their connections. “These social media posts attract users’ connections towards job openings on Reflik. A Reflik user is rewarded in cash when a candidate is hired through his/her unique referral link,” explains Vachhani.

The prowess of Reflik is evident in the way it has helped many employers and job seekers overcome specific business challenges. For instance, one of Reflik’s Fortune 500 clients had to fill a large number of vacancies quickly within a short period of time. Within days of posting jobs on Reflik’s platform, the client started to receive profiles of highly qualified candidates. “The talent acquisition leaders of our customer were able to hire talented personnel for more than 20 positions within days at a very low cost,” mentions Vachhani. “The client did not require any software implementation, lengthy training sessions, or additional costs to start the recruitment process using Reflik’s solution.”

With a zeal to disrupt the hiring industry, Reflik focuses its ongoing innovation towards improving the recruitment process, enhancing user experience, and delivering advanced technology for automating the recruitment process. “The core of our innovation is the customer-centered design of our products. We will continue to offer a robust recruitment platform that provides our customers a competitive advantage in talent acquisition,” concludes Vachhani.


Somerset, NJ

Ashish Vachhani, Co-founder & CEO and Ash Geria, Co-founder & COO Hersh Tilva, Head of Product

Filling job vacancies through independent recruiters and everyday users and social media networks