WorkBright: Mobile-First Digital Onboarding Solution for Rapidly Hiring Businesses

David Secunda, CEO & Founder
Human resource departments in most organizations are facing more pressure than ever to move employee documents and processes to the cloud while still maintaining a level of security that is befitting to the sensitive information they deal with every day. While some of the large players in HR tech may offer paired down onboarding options for traditional businesses hiring FTE’s throughout the year, there is an ever growing need for more robust onboarding systems for businesses that rely heavily on seasonal, contract, and part time employees.

“For these types of businesses, the workflows surrounding employee onboarding is completely different than that of a traditional employer. They deal with intricacies like rehiring, start and end dates, and often hundreds of employees starting work within a matter of a few weeks,” says David Secunda, Founder and CEO of WorkBright. “Additionally, if the business is regulated, the consequences of poor onboarding can be devastating. Many regulated industries, like childcare or transportation, require employees to have multiple current certifications and medical or drug testing, and then state or federal regulators are visiting to have a look at HR files for compliance.”

Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, WorkBright offers a mobile-first, cloud-based digital onboarding solution for rapidly-hiring businesses. Keeping in mind the unique audience, WorkBright focuses in on three goals in all aspects of their product: increase efficiency, mitigate liability, and create happier employees.

To address the first issue of increasing efficiency, WorkBright automates virtually every aspect of administering new hire paperwork. With a few clicks of the mouse, HR administrators can enter or import information to issue custom offer letters and digital ‘new hire packets’ based on groups or positions. The employee is then automatically invited via email to their employee portal where all paperwork can be completed and submitted back before their first day of work.

We make it our mission not just to practice security but to teach cyber-security to the HR professionals we work with every day

But WorkBright doesn’t stop there, they can even automate rejection of forms, countersigning the I9, exporting information to payroll, and much more.

The second area of focus is to mitigate liability for organizations. “We have built and implemented many of the same security and privacy controls used by top-tier financial institutions and make it our mission not just to practice security but to teach cyber-security to the HR professionals we work with every day,” says CTO Nisnevich. Liability is also aided on the HR administrator’s side. Should any WorkBright documents come into question during an employee’s tenure with your organization, there is an audit trail of all changes so documents can be called up at any point in time during employment. The last focus point is one that Secunda is personally passionate about: creating happier employees. “This seasonal, contract, part-time workforce makes up a huge portion of the American workforce, close to 26 percent in 2016, and yet they are often treated like second-class citizens,” says Secunda. “What’s so ironic about that is that these are often the employees that are interacting with customers and representing a brand on the front lines. That’s why we coined the term, ‘Mission Critical Workforce’.” WorkBright sets the needs of these employees first as evidenced by their 100 percent mobile-compatible solution. A high percentage of this workforce may not have access to a desktop so the WorkBright founders made sure that all forms (including I9, W4, 1099) could be completed and signed via any web-enabled device.

Forging forward, WorkBright will continue to listen to existing customers about ways to develop their best-in-class onboarding solution and to seek out innovators in verticals that are not well served by traditional HR solutions.


Boulder, CO

David Secunda, CEO & Founder

WorkBright takes the cumbersome and traditionally paper-heavy process of onboarding and puts it all online