Ceridian: Road to HR Excellence

Warren Perlman, CIO
It was a remarkable day in Minneapolis when Ceridian received the American Business Award for Best New Product or Service of the Year for the Human Capital Management Company (HCM). Amidst the numerous enthusiastic HCM service providers in the market, Ceridian’s Dayforce Platform was recognized for embracing success with its innovative approach to streamline Human Resource (HR) function, while keeping employee experience at the center and focusing on business outcomes. Be it core HR, payroll, talent management or employee engagement, Ceridian’s award-winning Dayforce HCM, was born out of a single vision of enabling businesses with a simple, agile, accountable and diligent HCM solution.

Considering the firm’s humble beginnings, Ceridian’s current stature as a SaaS provider for payroll, benefits, workforce management, HR, talent and document management is credited to its proficiency in enabling a leaner and a smarter HR process value chain. “At Ceridian, we secure business growth with a highly engaged workforce using systematic, streamlined and automated HR workflow,” says Warren Perlman, CIO, Ceridian. As a single repository for HCM, Dayforce provides organizations with access to real-time workforce data and results across their schedules, employee records, and more. With one employee record, one user experience, and zero interfaces, organizations can find and hire right talent, develop future leaders, process pay, perform analytics, manage the workforce and engage all employees with transparent processes, and a digital HR experience—all in a seamless fashion.

Fostering a culture of diligence and innovation, Ceridian has transitioned from a traditional software on-premise/cloud company to a modern SaaS organization by reinventing typical payroll and bringing the diverse aspects of an HCM together with a single system of record for HR data. The real-time processing of information is enabled by Dayforce’s architecture that allows a single rules engine to power a single application generating a single dataset. With Ceridian’s DayForce HCM platform, organizations can simplify all the different components of HCM, especially payroll processing with comprehensive reporting capability, alongside staying compliant. As a small business owner, one needs to perform more than one role for his company.

At Ceridian, we secure business’s growth with a highly engaged workforce using systematic, streamlined and automated human resource workflow

Running payroll should never be a time-consuming task, but employees should be assured of being paid on a consistent basis without delays. To that end, Ceridian has built a cloud payroll solution for businesses of all sizes to process their payroll efficiently–ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time. For multi-national customers, the firm offers ConnectedPay for enabling efficient payroll provisions and labor cost analysis.

Driven by a robust customer service philosophy, Ceridian’s growth has been tremendous with over 2.3 million end-users of its HCM applications today. In the last five years, the firm has grown its customer base from 407 to over 3300 customers. In 2017, Ceridian signed new contracts with 735 clients, out of which 569 are already live with successful Dayforce implementation, on time and under budget.

One such customer was Aéropostale, a retailer of casual apparel and accessories that required a robust HCM application to address the challenges based on labor compliance, manual scheduling and attendance, and more. By deploying Ceridian’s comprehensive and intuitive Dayforce HCM platform, the client gained comprehensive functionality that covers payroll services, workforce management, and talent management, by reducing time capture errors. “With our best-in-class cloud-based HCM technology, clients can design their workforce for maximum effectiveness,” Perlman adds.

The team at Ceridian believes in product innovation and customer delight. Evidently, the company is working to bring in new modules within the HCM space guided by their vast understanding of the industry and customer needs. Ceridian promises to take its rich legacy forward in a manner conducive to client partnership, while focusing on optimizing costs and achieving superior business outcomes.


Minneapolis, MN

Warren Perlman, CIO

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