Pandexio: Effectively Capturing Actionable Insights

John Burge, CEO & Co-founder and Laci Loew, EVP Marketing
With large volumes of content scattered all over the enterprise, businesses are struggling to build a workforce that zeroes in on actionable insights. As such, recent workforce productivity statistics are less than impressive. “For companies to remain competitive, employees need to be insight driven, which means communicating, thinking and making audit-able business decisions at an insight level,” says John Burge, CEO and co-founder of Pandexio.

“When it comes to all the content employees consume, they are overwhelmed with unfiltered information. Moreover, we are simply not empowering them to capture the insights they form– not in a meaningful digital way. It is no wonder that workforce productivity is trending down particularly over the last decade when digital transformation is something every organization is challenged with. There is a need for a robust mobile-capable solution that can enable employees to curate and share digitally-captured insights to make better decisions swiftly,” advises Laci Loew, EVP Marketing, Pandexio. Enter Pandexio, a software company that is empowering the next-generation global workforce to transform from knowledge workers immersed in content into insight-powered experts making insightful meaning from content and managing the core business processes in the flow of work.

Pandexio offers its cloud-based proprietary SaaS platform that helps employees to capture, curate, and share information at the insight level within existing systems and workflows. The organization addresses the unique needs of all industries with strong focus in financial services, healthcare, professional services, and IT.

Employees form insights from various sources of content, which are spread across various documents collected from the internet, e-mail attachments, hard drives, and cloud storage. The Pandexio platform, with five patents granted, is highly distributed and scalable. Pandexio plugs into the user’s browser and captures insights from the consumed information as they read and think.

When an employee is reading documents or webpages, and zeroes in on the actionable two percent within that content, Pandexio is there to capture the insights. The platform generates a running index of the insights formed by every employee in the company, and stores it in a single centralized cloud platform for others to access in the company.

For companies to remain competitive during our digital transformation, employees need a new way to be productive and add value, which means operating and communicating at an insight level—the higher order critical thinking that won’t give way to automation anytime in the near future, if at all

“We capture full-stack insights and underlying evidence in the full context, all hyperlinked together in an easy-to-manage package,” says Robert Danna, executive chairman of Pandexio.

An evolving success story of one client, in particular, exemplifies Pandexio’s capabilities in packing insights with evidence and context. A global consulting firm realized that their workforce was consuming information yet unsuccessful in capturing any of the insights digitally. The Pandexio platform is plugged into the customer’s existing technology enabling all employees to capture and share actionable insights. Pandexio supplemented content-searching with insight-sharing thus building and retaining organizational intellectual capital–the new currency of business.

A key advantage of Pandexio is that it can be delivered as a standalone solution and can also integrate with different types of platforms like project management, social collaboration, learning management and experience platforms. Pandexio just released new features that enhance their product in following, feeds, and digital brain functionality. The Company is entering a grand phase of its evolution in 2019 when the platform will be able to integrate with various workflow applications like browsers, sync-engines and social networks. Users would be empowered to capture and create insights wherever they would encounter content in the workflow and deliver those insights into their businesses. Pandexio is poised to become an effective layer in IT infrastructure and HR technology stacks that can be used to power employee communication at the insight-level and make impactful, auditable business decisions.


Hermosa Beach, CA

John Burge, CEO & Co-founder and Laci Loew, EVP Marketing and Robert Danna, Executive Chairman

SaaS platform that helps to capture and share information at the insight level within the existing systems