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Julian Harper, CEO North America
Cloud integrated solutions allow businesses to scale efficiently. Often, proven to optimize service operations, reduce costs, improve service delivery and staff well-being. Now, clients can run their commercial operations reaping the benefits of transformation programs including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), digitization and outsourcing.

A key figure in cloud-based back office workforce optimization solutions, ActiveOps operates across the globe from the USA, UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, and Australia. All existing sales, implementation and support staff become ActiveOps employees led by Darren Hauschild appointed as Managing Director for ActiveOps in the Asia Pacific. Besides, ActiveOps is expanding operations in North America creating new positions in account management, partner support, implementation and delivery roles including the relocation of Co-founder and Group CEO Richard Jeffery to New York office. The expansion of ActiveOps North American Operations is being managed and overseen by Julian Harper, who is responsible for driving ActiveOps' growth and client success across North America, as Regional Managing Director.

ActiveOps provide unique cloud-based software and services which enable the clients to establish and sustain excellent capability in back office workforce optimization. Robotic automation, customer expectations and relentless pressure on increasing costs have supported the market for back-office workforce optimization, which is now recognized as a critical solution to maximizing operational efficiency.

ActiveOps provides Workware, a cloud-based SaaS software, primarily developed to quantify work and time, measure productivity by efficiently measuring both human and digital robotic resources in real-time. It enables the capacity of optimization, cost-reduction, and improvement in the delivery of services across diverse and complex back-office operations. Workware also enables the optimization of individual and robotic, teams and departmental resources from a single application.

At ActiveOps we believe operations should deliver strategic advantage to the enterprise enabled by individuals realising the full potential of their talents and resources

The Active Operations Management (AOM) Method embeds a consistent framework of operations with best practices. The AOM method also enables teams to collaborate and sustain higher productivity through a consistent management framework. Effective communication and augmented control results in higher staff engagement and a hassle-free environment.

In 2012, Mercer, a global leader in helping organizations meet the financial and careerist needs of a changing workforce, implemented Workware from ActiveOps. The Workware software proved successful and led to Mercer expanding the rollout across its UK, India, Ireland, and US operations. Mercer and ActiveOps began the journey to provide a single, consolidated view of work, resources, and streamlining to support capacity planning and decision-making. Soon after, Mercer decided to leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and wanted to include the operational data from their expanding digital workforce in Workware’s ubiquitous view.

In closing, as automation takes up the mantle to execute crucial operations, clients will need to evolve requiring greater analytical skills to become more agile and make better decisions. Automated capacities and human performances need to be part of the same operational management framework supported by accurate data to monitor and plan effectively.


New York, NY

Julian Harper, CEO North America

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