ApplicantOne: The Smart Recruiting Assistant

Michael Byrd, CEO Anne M. Mulcahy, the former chairperson and CEO of Xerox Corporation, famously quoted, “Employees are a company’s greatest asset. They’re your competitive advantage.” Regardless of how sophisticated and powerful technologies get, no matter how intelligent we make our computers or to what extent we digitize an organization’s IT infrastructure, nothing can replace—the momentarily unavailable—qualified, loyal employees. Why?

Well, the rate of unemployment in the U.S. is at an all-time low, there are roughly more than 1.6 million job vacancies than the total amount of job seekers, and most importantly, the majority of “qualified candidates” are no longer available for hire as they are employed. As a result, many companies looking to hire their next “employee of the year,” either invest countless working hours going through the haystack of resumes or spend an influx of money to outsource it to contract recruiters. Either way, it consumes time and money without a guarantee of outcome. In cases where companies can’t find the perfect fit, they often, settle with what’s available—such an approach is typically unacceptable for any organization. Recruitment is not a process to gamble with; it’s too risky and could cost everything it’s earned. So, what do companies do if they wish to quickly hire right in such a tight labor market?

Well, they can simply consult with ApplicantOne, an HR-tech company that offers state-of-the-art sourcing and recruiting technology along with hands-on recruiters to help clients find the crème de la crème of employees from across the country. “We have a full recruiting technology that was built from the ground up over the last decade. While our entire recruiting tech-stack combined with additional products and services helps clients engage candidates in the pipeline more efficiently, we introduce a human element in our services that can engage passive candidates—employed folks open to looking at new opportunities,” says Michael Byrd, the CEO of ApplicantOne. “We bring to the market a perfect blend of recruiting technology and human touch to engage both active and passive candidates with job positions, and ultimately drive the most qualified candidates to our customers.”

Taking Recruiting Burden off HR’s Shoulders

Initially, ApplicantOne offered an applicant tracking system which could handle everything from the time a company decides to hire all the way to the candidate’s first day at work. It was an easy-to-use solution designed to meet the needs of both large enterprises and SMBs. As the system developed, the company noticed that clients were never utilizing all aspects of the technology, such as its video interview platform and built-in applicant skill scores, among others.

Clients needed a customized, high-tech, affordable way to search and narrow down the prospects and find a perfect match for their company. So, we bundled the front end of the technology into a product that drives the entire recruiting process; we called it—ApplicantOne Source

On investigating this issue, ApplicantOne realized that their clients did not have the proper resources to dive in and learn the technology in entirety. The struggle these clients faced was not around tracking an applicant but in getting momentum around vacancies. From posting vacancies in job boards to advertising it, bringing in candidates, figuring out the difference between the right candidates and pretenders, to coordinating and conducting interviews—companies found the entire process of recruitment to be tedious and costly in every way possible.

“Observing this, we decided to take our offering up a notch! Clients needed a customized, high-tech, affordable way to search and narrow down the prospects and find a perfect match for their company. So, we bundled the front end of the technology into a product that drives the entire recruiting process. We call it— ApplicantOne Source,” says Byrd.

An AI-Platform with a Human Touch

Primarily, ApplicantOne Source takes the heavy lifting out of the recruiting process by helping companies fill job vacancies in “half of the time and a fraction of the cost.” The firm begins the recruitment process by first reviewing and optimizing job descriptions provided by the client to ensure that it attracts the right job candidates. Then, the firm distributes and advertises it across top-ranked job boards and other candidate sourcing services that are best suited for the vacancies, in the most affordable, efficient, and hassle-free way. Once they receive applications, the technology’s robust AI core screens candidates, matches them with the job requirements, and selects the ones best suited for the role.

When it comes to selection, ApplicantOne Source streamlines the process by conducting assessments to determine thecandidate’s compatibility with the client company. “We conduct behavioral and cognitive assessments to paint a better picture of the candidate. With the help of our built-in video interview tool, we also conduct initial interviews to establish the top candidates,” says Byrd. Once the ocean of applicants is boiled down, the final pool of ideal candidates is sent straight to the client’s inbox.
These documents can be accessed via ApplicantOne’s Dossier, a web-based, device-agnostic system, that sends out notifications and prompts as and when applicants are ready to be interviewed, and allows clients to collaborate with co-workers to review and proceed with candidates. It’s as simple as that. If need be, candidates can also get in touch with ApplicantOne and create a profile with details on their experience and interests. Though these details aren’t shared with clients, it helps the company process a candidate faster if (s)he suits a job role.

A unique aspect of ApplicantOne Source is that it comes with a dedicated recruiter—almost like a personal recruiting assistant whose only goal is to get the job done! ApplicantOne’s recruiters invest over eight hours per vacancy and ensure that clients get the very best solution in the end. These recruiting experts not only seek active candidates but are constantly looking out for passive-job seekers through social media, job boards, and other sources. They continuously engage these onlookers, present them with suitable job positions, and get them into the process.

With such a robust solution, clients can not only hire the very best easily, but reduce the overall turnaround time. In one instance, ApplicantOne Source helped a company hire the most qualified candidates and reduce the turnaround time by nearly 36 percent.

In another instance, the company helped Frontline Call center—an inbound call center that was charged with getting a team of twenty-five remote hires together within a very short timeframe and retaining hires through training. It experienced a new hire dropout rate of up to 50 percent. In this fast paced environment, ensuring these new hires would surpass training was crucial to meet the needs of their client. They needed a solution that was easy to use, fast, affordable, and most of all effective. Source was able to distribute job postings and vet candidates quickly and accurately. Within a couple of weeks, Frontline had hired 14 of the 25 positions through Source. Frontline was able to save time throughout this process and decrease their drop rates to 14 percent. Source was able to identify quality candidates accurately allowing Frontline to meet their hiring needs.

But the benefits do not end here!

In the days to come, ApplicantOne plans on rolling out a new solution to help improve the hiring manager experience. “We are moving to an interactive model that improves communication between these managers and candidates. This helps both parties seamlessly coordinate schedules, set times to speak, and also helps the manager collaborate with his peers while hiring, in a better way,” says Byrd.

The company is also looking to automate the interview process further and venture into candidate engagement. “We want to be able to better service candidates too. We will soon be engaging them on a whole new level, helping them build and update their profile in our system and social media platforms like LinkedIn. The goal is to have meaningful conversations with these candidates and help them walk a fruitful career path,” concludes Byrd.


Lakeland, FL

Michael Byrd, CEO

ApplicantOne was built to help small to mid-size companies find quality talent. As the need for quality talent becomes higher in demand, they designed and created an advanced recruiting software and hiring platform. they have streamlined the painful hiring process, saving you time, money, and resources.Their mission is to make innovative technology solutions accessible for any business. It shows in everything of what they do. As they drive to fulfill their mission, they have one goal in mind to make your job easier