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Gene Raymondi, Founder & CEO
Employees are undoubtedly the backbone of a company. In today’s ever-increasingly competitive market, employers are actively offering multiple employee benefits to help promote employee satisfaction, retention, and well-being. As a critical component of the Human Resource toolkit, employee benefits not only create a positive work culture but also increase loyalty, focus, and productivity. However, connecting employees to these benefits, retaining and attracting top talent, and managing numerous fragmented benefits and vendors, coupled with a low return on investment (ROI) on costly benefits represents an endlessly complex challenge. Enter eni—an industry-leading employee benefits provider that specializes in integrated benefit engagement solutions. The company successfully addresses these challenges through—BalanceBenefits—a complete service and software solution designed to connect employees to their benefits more effectively, increasing overall employee satisfaction and retention.

Primarily, eni’s solution brings in all the benefits and services into one centralized hub to make benefits management easy. Being a suite of benefit engagement software —an administrative portal, member portal, and mobile application—BalanceBenefits offers employees benefit recommendations tailored to their individual life needs. Since many employees have a hard time figuring out how to leverage the benefits and services that a company offers for their personalized needs, their integrated benefits platform is driven by life events. With its patent-pending life event technology, BalanceBenefits allows employees to select individual life events that they need assistance with and receive customized benefit recommendations to meet their unique needs. Through benefit integration, an employee’s benefits work together in a complementary manner to support them with any on-going life event. It connects employees to centralized knowledge points for those life events, or benefit needs, through a single call center or web portal which contains information on, and access to, their entire benefits package, reducing both confusion and underutilization.
“Our platform is an open-source, plug-and-play technology solution for HR. It enables human resources to architect their own solution by allowing them to take the benefits, services, and technologies that they already have and integrate them into our platform,” asserts Gene Raymondi, Founder and CEO of eni. eni’s intuitive platform promotes the increased use of benefits, improving employee satisfaction and maximizing the entire benefits offering. As an industry veteran with over three decades of experience in HR, Raymondi explains, “With BalanceBenefits, we de-fragment a company’s benefits package. Our aim is to ensure that employees are aware of all of their available benefits, how they can access them, and how their benefits work together to provide a holistic life event experience.”

Our aim is to ensure that employees are aware of all their available benefits, how they can access them, and how their benefits work together to provide a holistic life event experience

Renowned as the expert designers of Integrated Benefit Solutions, eni is focused on solving today’s HR challenges. Drawing upon its rich 30-year history in the benefits field, as well as the expertise of its Human Capital Design Team, eni has developed a groundbreaking approach to benefits management and delivery through its integrated platform. Whether it’s medical, dental, 401(k), disability, wellness, or even pet insurance, BalanceBenefits has successfully established itself as a one-stop-shop for effective benefits management. “Nobody knows more about your company and what best can connect your people than you do. If you have the right palette, you can strategically paint the experience you believe will move your company ahead in its human capital agenda,” concludes Raymondi.


Vestal, NY

Gene Raymondi, Founder & CEO

Started as an employee benefit company offering EAPs, wellness, and health advocacy solutions to employers, eni has evolved to become experts of integrating multiple benefit offerings to create solutions that meet each individual organization’s needs. It’s outsourced benefits integration approach allows organizations to consolidate, coordinate, and manage numerous employee benefits resulting a higher ROI on all benefits and increased employee engagement. The company specializes in Integrated Benefit Engagement Solutions designed to promote employee satisfaction and productivity and increase overall ROI