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Julie Jeannotte, Cultural & Engagement Expert
American researcher Shawn Achor famously said, “Happiness inspires productivity,” which simply translates to the fact that a happy and engaged employee is also a highly productive one. In an era that thrives on technology, it’s easy for human emotion and sentiment to take a backseat at times. However, more and more enterprises around the world have started to recognize the inherent value of using that same technology to help them better serve what ultimately stands as their most important asset—their people. Organizations striving to help their workforce truly reach its potential are now able to benefit from tools like employee engagement solutions designed to facilitate communication and drive productivity. Among the many platforms in this space, GSoft—a technology company widely recognized for its workplace culture—envisioned developing next-generation tools to measure and increase employee engagement, driven by the ideology, “The future of work is human.”

“It was hard to quantify something that was really abstract,” says Julie Jeannotte, Culture & Engagement Expert at Officevibe, “So, we started analyzing the factors that contribute to employee engagement and came up with a set of metrics that we believe is accurate.” Enter, Officevibe!

Offered as a web-based employee engagement solution, Officevibe was built to reframe the way employees give feedback to management and vice versa. It enables managers to assess an employee’s level of engagement and overall feelings toward their workplace through automated 5-question weekly surveys. These surveys, sourced from a group of over 120 backed-by-science questions, are centered on Offivevibe’s 10 key metrics and 26 sub-metrics of employee engagement. They encompass everything required for an employee to be engaged and motivated at work. The solution uses a powerful algorithm that automatically gathers the feedback and provides organizations with precise insights across all 10 engagement metrics.
Considering that many workers refrain from honestly participating in similar surveys due to fear of their answers being exposed to managers or peers, Officevibe allow employees to take them anonymously. Company stakeholders and managers are then able to monitor employee satisfaction in real-time, while workers only need to commit around two minutes each week to participate, unlike commonly used annual surveys.

Officevibe takes employee engagement a step further by offering several additional features to help managers better understand their teams. During the surveys, the application asks employee-specific follow-up questions to help dig deeper into major issues. Managers have the ability to start private conversations by responding directly to the feedback received, during which time the team members can choose to either share their identity, or remain anonymous. Furthermore, managers can create custom polls around specific issues. These can be shared separately or as a part of weekly surveys to validate or improve on recently implemented initiatives within the organization. Combining all the data, Officevibe then generates a complete employee engagement dashboard that managers or stakeholders can access to keep track of a team’s progress or even compare teams and departments.

In one instance, Officevibe was adopted by a company facing an increased number of resignations, issues in recruiting new talent, and most importantly, a demotivating work environment. The Officevibe surveys helped managers within the organization understand the crux of the problem and provided them a platform to begin to fix it. Within no time, their employee engagement and brand image improved, and today, the organization has made significant strides in regards to employee happiness and productivity.

Catering to over 50,000 managers facing similar issues, the team at Officevibe continues to concentrate on the day-to-day challenges of team leaders, building innovative solutions to better serve their needs. “We are focused on enabling managers across the world to put their people first,” concludes Julie.


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Julie Jeannotte, Cultural & Engagement Expert

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