TalentMap: Fostering a Productive Work Culture

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Sean Fitzpatrick, President
Motivated employees clearly form the underlying foundation of business success and play a crucial role in enhancing the productivity of an enterprise. Ushering in a positive work culture through effective employee engagement surveys or programs can go a long way in boosting the return of investments for organizations. In addition, managers and executives need to constantly weave new strategies and policies to keep their employees engaged and motivated, in order to attain exponential growth in business. Leveraging over two decades of expertise in conducting such employee engagement surveys and workplace measurements, TalentMap is uniquely positioned in the market to help clients nurture a positive enterprise work culture.

“TalentMap collects anonymous feedback from our clients’ workforce to identify the strengths and gaps in their strategies, initiatives, or policies from an employee’s perspective,” states Sean Fitzpatrick, the president of TalentMap.

Since its inception, TalentMap has been providing innovative employee engagement surveys to help managers and executives develop a productive workplace culture through active workforce engagements. One of the pioneers in this landscape, TalentMap has been involved in promoting the importance of employee engagement among companies, managers, executives, team leaders, and individual employees for over a decade. The company assists clients in improving their work culture by collecting benchmark data and comparing it with industry standards to identify their strengths and weaknesses regarding employee engagement.

All the projects of TalentMap run through its proven seven-step process that guides the executives and managers in streamlining survey procedures to glean meaningful insights from the results, through both face-to-face interviews and digital mediums. The first step in TalentMap’s procedure is ‘prepare for action,’ a critical process that generates a shared understanding and support from management team. The company spends a considerable amount of time and resources in readying the clients towards successive operations.
The second step involves designing a questionnaire with customized queries that are framed in accordance with an organization’s end goal and its work place culture. The third step of the program is a pre-survey communication that increases the response rate of participants, ensuring that the questions are clear and the message is easily understood. In the next step, the survey is launched via online, mobile, or paper-based mediums, such that employees can respond to the queries through any workstation or handheld device from any location. Post this, the company moves on to the fifth step of analyzing and reporting the employee feedback, whereby managers can immediately log in, view, and evaluate the data from their personalized dashboards in real time. For managers who are unable to do this, the company pulls data offline, analyzes it, and generates a storyboard pertaining to the firm’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, helping drive employee engagement for the client. The sixth step includes presenting the survey results to the management and employees through both online and on-site medium. But, the most significant step of all is the seventh one, which offers post-survey action planning and management training to act on the results and revamp the company culture.

TalentMap follows up with the clients post the survey in intervals of three, six, nine, and twelve months to ensure that the managers utilize the feedback data and frame appropriate strategies for driving employee engagement. “Our intelligent manager portal generates automatic recommendations, tips, and strategies to provide managers with the best practice recommendations in the industry,” adds Fitzpatrick. Besides, the meaningful insights and expert consultancy from TalentMap enable organizations to improve communication with their employees and fuel their productivity.

Currently, TalentMap plans to launch an innovative post-survey online action planning tool that automatically generates action plans and recommendations specific to the culture of an organization. This new product amalgamates machine learning, a recommendation engine, and personalized coaching, based on employee feedback to deliver better action planning and employee engagement management solution for clients. Through this revolutionary tool, TalentMap looks forward to driving employee productivity further and boosting the profitability of its clients in the near future.


Ottawa, Canada

Sean Fitzpatrick, President

TalentMap helps organizations achieve greater outcomes with action-centric employee engagement survey programs. The company enables businesses to ask the right surveys to its employees and achieve success through post-survey action planning. TalentMap assists public and private sector organizations across North America of all sizes to gain valuable workplace intelligence for the purpose of creating positive organizational change. A leading employee engagement platform, TalentMap allows clients to collect anonymous feedback from their workforce to identify the strengths and gaps in their strategies, initiatives, or policies from an employee’s perspective. Besides, the meaningful insights and expert consultancy from TalentMap enable organizations to improve communication with their employees and fuel their productivity