HR needs to be a champion and an enabler

Laurie Ledford, CHRO, Marsh & McLennan Companies

Challenges in technology to meet enterprise needs in 2013 and expectations

Focus on creating networks internally to share best practices across business and regional lines. Looking at colleague engagement as a measure of how our programs and leaders are doing. Having HR play a courageous role in challenging the status quo across multiple dimensions. The importance of  culture-building and values as a differentiator of performance.

Using HR solutions to improve effectiveness

Striking the right balance between standard and customized solutions. Getting systems to talk to each other so that data is insightful and that HR can  spend its time on different things. Creating platforms that allow internal users (colleagues and leaders) to contribute meaningful information- where it needs  to go, when it needs to be there, and how it is best structured. Putting more of the responsibility for information where it originates- through simple, understandable  technology.

The areas in business environment where solutions do not yet exist or not up to the mark, and which if existed, would've made job easier

Need to improve the accuracy, accessibility, and impact of the vast amount of HR data that we have in our organizations. How can enterprise dashboards be succinct and  digestible while staying data-rich and insightful? Performance management and L&D systems need to be more targeted, simplified, adaptable, and  user-friendly. As technology evolves, we are seeing amazing things being created around the world - many of these trends are now appearing in how we  capture and interact with colleagues and data through solutions.

Technology trends impacting enterprise business environment

HR needs to be a champion and an enabler, not the traditional "police" of corporate social  media. HR has a role to play in encouraging the adoption of new technology. It's the way the world works. How we communicate with colleagues, how  leaders absorb information and expectations around the timeliness and quality of data are all evolving. My roles and responsibilities as a CHRO Growth of knowledge industries where people- their skills, their relationships, their performance, and their potential- are the critical driver of growth and innovation  means a heightened role for Human Resources. Senior leaders and Corporate Boards increasingly rely on the HR function, through the CHRO, to deliver  programs that drive profit and not just savings.



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