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Damir Davidovic, CEO
Today’s HR technology is moving rapidly to web-based systems to deliver services such as employee self-service (ESS), web-based training, online recruiting, applicant testing and benefits management. HR Cloud, a CA-based company is a cloud-based human resource management systems (HRMS) solution provider that enables organizations to automate the entire onboarding and employee evaluation processes. “Our complete suite of functionality—Onboard, Core HR, and Perform solutions provide the information that today’s data driven companies need to make business minded human resources decisions and to incorporate automated HR processes,” asserts Damir Davidovic, CEO, HR Cloud.

HR Cloud’s suite of software functionalities is elegant, modern, and flexible, adapting to organizations’ own processes. Designed to render a clean, simple, and straightforward user interface, the software engages visual senses to maintain attention and create an enjoyable experience for users. “Bright color and use of natural language creates a friendly, fun, and approachable user experience. The responsive design works across multiple devices and it’s easy to access the information users need most. Also the clean typography for excellent readability and modern, flat design caters to efficient workflows and elf-service experience for HR professionals and employees,” observes Davidovic.

TheOnboard software suiteprovides a personalized experience for each new hire and enables them to become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paper work, processes, and training. This mobile friendly onboarding portal provides an easy-to-use form builder, helping new hires to complete I9, W4 and other required forms within minutes. It also provides a digital signature option, and allows them to complete their new hire checklist, view goals, competencies, and career plans online.
The Core HR software suiteis designed to organize employee data instead of paper processing. It enables access to employee records, files, position, salary history, bonuses, org chart, PTO balances and more—anytime and anywhere via the cloud. This single centralized records system allows for easy organization of dates, job position, pay, and performance information across all offices, divisions and cost centers. Hence, the accurate and easy maintenance translates into significant time and effort savings, stimulating better social collaboration among employees.

Our complete suite of functionality—Onboard, Core HR, and Perform— provide the information that today’s data driven companies need to make business minded human resources decisions

Lastly, the Perform software suite is a fully-featured employee evaluation solution packed with flexible functionality. It completely replaces manual systems and efficiently manages employees’ performance, their competencies and goals, and keeps them on track through automating custom-made performance appraisals designed to suit their needs.“With Perform, employees can see how they’re doing throughout the year and the HR team can also identify skill gaps, optimize development, track progress, and drive success by maximizing workforce capabilities,” notes Davidovic.

With these innovative software tools, HR Cloud effectively drives a high-spirited culture and value within a user’s work environment. “Employees are not a stack of paper folders in some filing cabinet or some nine-digit number in a centralized HR or payroll system. They are part of vibrant teams that need interaction and engagement in order to succeed. In their personal lives they rely on technology to communicate and increase their own productivity using tools such as Facebook or Twitter in multiple devices. So why can’t they submit their vacation request from their smartphone or complete their onboarding process from a coffee shop? Automation of HR related processes is essential in people-driven organizations, and employee self-empowerment leads to a more productive and happier workforce,” states Davidovic.

As the demand for data and automation increases, HR Cloud will stay ahead of the curve to introduce solutions that help forward-thinking companies make smarter decisions that impact the bottom line.

HR Cloud

El Segundo, CA

Damir Davidovic, CEO

HR Cloud is a modern and powerful cloud-based HRMS solution with a complete suite of functionality, including core, performance, and onboarding HR software.