SnapComms: Employee Communications Made Easier

Chris Leonard, CEO
The communications within any organization—particularly between management and employees—mostly depends on the intranet and e-mails. More often than not, important messages that pass through these networks fail to grab attention due to email overload, lack of relevant and engaging content on the intranet. Addressing these problems and acting as a conduit between employer and employees is SnapComms, a company that provides employee communications software solutions to IT, HR, security and other business functions, enabling organizations to cut through information overload and communicate effectively.

“The idea of SnapComms was born from the need of an intranet manager who wanted a better way to communicate with the employees,” says Chris Leonard, CEO of SnapComms. This led to creation of SnapComms, a software as a solution (SaaS) tool, which helps the organizations to convey important messages and correspond effectively with their employees,” Leonard adds. The company’s products comprise a range of tools, grouped into six channels. These channels are interactive screensaver messages and computer wallpaper, scrolling newsfeed headlines with clickable message boxes, emergency notifications, Pop-up emergency notifications and urgent alerts, pop-up quiz and survey tools, internal usergenerated magazines, newsletters, company blogs and forums. “These tools can also be used together to create an integrated campaign for a product launch or similar event,” adds Leonard.

SnapComms not only responds to individual customer needs, but also proactively tries to understand the problems faced by customers. By keeping a close eye on the market, and listening to the problems customers face, SnapComms identifies changes or trends, and adds these into our product improvement roadmap. “We have developed ‘out-of-the-box’ software tools that supports organizations by enabling them to communicate more effectively with their staff and improve productivity as company messages are directly delivered to their devices (PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets),” asserts Leonard.

SnapComms’ tools increase the readership with understanding and acceptance of important messages that are delivered as desktop alerts; staff surveys that measure understanding of business strategy and gather employee feedback; and employee interaction that build greater product awareness and knowledge.

We deliver real business through employee communications solution, solving problem of internal business information overload

The solution also helps in segregating employee demographics for effective HR communications and uses the proper tools to convey relevant and engaging messages.

With more than 250 business customers and 20 resellers spread globally, SnapComms serves healthcare, telecommunications, contact centres, education, financial services, government, technology companies, and utility sectors. The effectiveness of SnapComms’ tools can be found from their work with Queens Health Network Hospital. Saleh Ghasemi, Director of the hospital, wanted to change the staff communication process that was being carried out only through email to intranet. He came across the SnapComms’ hospital communication channels and implemented four new staff tools for dissemination of messages desktop alert messages, scrolling newsfeeds, staff quiz/ surveys, and corporate screensavers. “Now, the hospital departments use SnapComms’ solutions to notify hospital staff in the event of an emergency or to pass on a message,” says Ghasemi.

The availability of various communication channels on one platform marks the key differentiating factor for SnapComms. Along with easy-to-use products and services, which make conveying messages in the organization easier, unique features like pop-up screen messages and alerts that occur at regular interval reminding the employees to acknowledge the same also makes the company stand out in the crowd. “Our unique business value is “Message Cut-Through that is Guaranteed and Measurable,” claims Leonard. For the road ahead, SnapComms plans to grow and maintain healthy customer relationship with timely feedback. “Our ultimate goal is to be able to offer an off-the-shelf solution that will be industry specific and addresses customers’ respective pain points. Concentrating on custom-made solutions for various verticals will keep us ahead of the competition,” sums up Leonard.


Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand

Chris Leonard, CEO

Provides innovative software solution to organizations for effective employee communication.