Visier: Applying Big Data, Never Before So Fast

John Schwarz, CEO
A recent survey conducted by Visier found that 91 percent of HR professionals aspire to increase their workforce analytics maturity. Yet for many, the time to deployment of analytics has been too long, the cost too high, and the technical skills required by the end user to actually deploy the application simply not available. Visier was founded with the aim to address these pain points. John Schwarz, Visier’s CEO and Co-Founder says, “Visier removes the technology hurdles related to getting started with analytics–we get our customers fully operational with hundreds of pre-built workforce analytics in four to eight weeks.”

Though analytics are new to most HR leaders and practitioners, a recent Harvard Business Review report found that 57 percent of companies expect within two years to employ analytics using data integrated across multiple systems. One of the most differentiating factors of the Visier approach is that rather than starting with data and collecting information in a data warehouse, which is the typical business intelligence (BI) approach, Visier actually focuses on the end user, starting with the business questions the end user needs to answer. Identifying the problems faced by traditional tool sets, such as incomplete, out-of-date, irrelevant and inaccurate information, and time-toimplement a BI solution, Visier delivers Applied Big Data solutions. Visier solutions are pre-built and deployed in the cloud, allowing customers to avoid the cost and complexity of a traditional BI implementation.

At the C-Suite level it is about ensuring that better workforce decisions and plans are made to protect the bottom line, drive performance and business results, and increase competitiveness. At the HR leadership level it is about talent management – better understanding on retaining and recruiting top performers – as well as improving workforce optimization decisions, such as about compensation and hiring plans. Visier delivers unique solutions that are designed for the business user. Providing intuitive guidance through workforce questions, pre-built interactive visualizations, and warnings on issues, Visier’s solutions leverage all of an organization’s workforce data, as well as include industry benchmark data for comparison.

We are at the forefront of a new class of solutions called Applied Big Data

Visier provides solutions across all industries. Visier customers include some of the world’s best brands like ConAgra Foods, Hyatt, Exelon, McGraw Hill, Micron, NetApp, Nissan, Time Inc, USG, and Baker Hughes. The company has over two million customer employee records in the cloud and is growing fasthaving tripled revenue growth in the last twelve months and are continuing to grow at that rate. Visier enables organizations to move from operational reporting to strategic analytics in a matter of weeks, by turning what was a complex and expensive 1-2 year implementation process with Business Intelligence tools, into a simple, proven, and cost-effective 4-8 week onboarding process. Enabling business professionals to access data, visualize information, and make factbased, strategic decisions.

For example, Visier has transformed the way analytics are done at Informatica– the HR department is no longer dependent on IT for custom queries and spreadsheets, and instead has an extensive self-service analytics capability that answers hundreds of key workforce questions via intuitive, interactive visualizations that are easy to discover and share.

John concludes “Applied Big Data is the future of how business people will obtain insight into enterprise operations. At Visier we are fundamentally changing the way organizations ask and answer business questions, and enabling business professionals to move from IT-driven toolsets to business-driven self-service solutions that deliver, “out of the box”, actionable insights based on industry best practices. We are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.”


Vancouver, Canada

John Schwarz, CEO

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