Archive Systems: The Cloud Based Solution for Human Resources

Gordon Rapkin, CEO
Archive Systems Inc., a document management software company based out of Fairfield, New Jersey, offers a “one-stop-shop” approach to implementing document management processes. From secure file storage to transitioning paper files into digital format, companies are realizing the added value of a truly unified document management provider. “We operate records centers across the country and have our own in-house conversion service facilities to image the documents into our FileBRIDGE platform. With this integrated approach we are a comprehensive solution to enable Human Resource (HR) departments to be ultimately responsive,” says Gordon Rapkin, CEO of Archive Systems. With the services and products that Archive Systems offers, clients keep all activities under one roof, reducing risk and the need for additional costly resources.

FileBRIDGE for HR creates a single repository of HR documents that can be accessed with a simple internet browser from anywhere at any time

On average, nearly two thirds of a typical HR department’s resources are allocated to document management tasks. “We recognized an opportunity to dramatically improve upon the operational and administrative challenges facing HR departments when it comes to dealing with paper documents,” says Rapkin. In order to address these challenges, Archive Systems developed its FileBRIDGE for HR technology, stemming from its flagship product FileBRIDGE Digital, which essentially eliminates the pain of administrative “busy work”, creating an efficient digital document management ecosystem within the department.

“By converting paper processes to digital processes, organizations can save money and time spent on tedious tasks by implementing workflow automation and utilizing specific functions such as electronic forms and digital signatures,” says Rapkin.
The time saved can be allocated to strategic initiatives aligned with an organizations goals, which is where Archive Systems’ clients have seen great measurable success. As was the case with current client American Seafoods Group, one of the world’s largest vertically integrate seafood companies. The HR department was tasked with high seasonal employment turnover and onboarding procedures, yet there was the continual need to expand the department’s strategic contributions. After implementing FileBRIDGE for HR and taking their process digital, American Seafoods Group realized a decrease of 35 percent in time spent on paperwork tasks, and a 200 percent improvement in the company’s orientation and crew prep turnaround.

Working with digital files also solves the problem posed by geographically dispersed employees, which is a growing trend in today’s workforce. “FileBRIDGE for HR creates a single repository of HR documents that can be accessed with a simple internet browser from any location,” says Rapkin. By storing files in a cloud based platform, the HR department is able to find any company document in three clicks or less, from anywhere at any time; meanwhile, keeping full control of those documents.

The company’s unmatched services and support to clients has enabled Archive Systems to build a stable position in the competitive HR technology landscape. Archive Systems’ FileBRIDGE for HR is deployed across a broad range of industries, now managing nearly two million employee files. “We ensure that the documents stay secure in our custody and never leaves without our client’s approval,” Rapkin adds.

Archive Systems recently established a data center in Ireland to service the European Union and other parts of the globe. “With our new frontier, we will be able to broaden our services to global buyers,” Rapkin concludes.

A major focus for FileBRIDGE for HR has been on employee self-service. With the introduction of myFileBRIDGE, the new employee portal and kiosk interface, the responsibility of maintaining HR documents shifts from the HR department to the employees and managers that originate and benefit from maintaining the documents. This system frees HR resources to address more strategic needs, and improves employee engagement.

Archive Systems

Fairfield, NJ

Gordon Rapkin, CEO

Provides a complete suite of solutions for the paper to digital conversion process. From physical paper storage, all the in-between, to the digital document management cloud solution