Payce: Simplifying Complex Payroll and HR Tasks

Josh Lindenmuth, Chief Information Officer
The ability to reduce duplicate HR data entry across disparate systems that don’t communicate with each other is a need of every organization. Another big requirement in the HR management space is employee self-service portals. “Ten years ago, payroll administrators performed all employee maintenance and data entry. Today, they are looking for ways to include the employee in the management of their own data,” says Josh Lindenmuth, CIO, Payce, Inc. Addressing these needs is one of Towson, MD-based Payce’s goals. Doing so not only ensures a single version of data across disparate HR systems by enabling communication between them, but also enables employees to update their information, make leave pay requests, review documents, and more by offering self-service portals.

The online payroll solution of Payce, MyPayCenter, is a simple, intuitive web-based payroll solution that enables organizations to enter payroll online, in just a few simple steps, at any time from any location. “Almost all of our other features and services are extensions of MyPayCenter,” affirms Lindenmuth. The product is built on the idea of creating a full-service product offered with the simplicity of self-service products. Each client is configured as a standalone entity, and is customized to meet the employer’s needs.

Payce provides more than two dozen ancillary services, such as time and attendance integration, workers’ compensation pay as you go services, background checks, poster compliance, applicant tracking integration, and HR support.Many of these ancillary services are targeted at reducing double entry and extra work–for example, the time and attendance integration eliminates the need for payroll administrators to re-key employee hours in the payroll system.

MyPayCenter easily integrates with applicant tracking software and imports applicant data with built-in processes, eliminating the need for organizations to enter new hires manually.For instance, a chain restaurant was opening a couple of new stores, and hiring over a hundred employees in a few weeks using a completely new applicant tracking software product.
When they reached out to Payce about how their HR manager would handle the huge amount of data entry, Payce quickly supplied them with an interface to their applicant tracking software and tailored it to their needs.

“As a full-service payroll provider, our customer service team is in constant contact with our clients over the phone and e-mail, so hear about market trends very early,” says Lindenmuth. “This helps us balance the level of reactiveness and thinking about what clients actually need against their request.” The technology team works closely with sales and customer service to achieve this balance and the net result is a product that sells well and meets the long-term needs of clients. An example of this is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Dashboard.

As a full-service payroll provider, our customer service team is in constant contact with our clients over the phone and e-mail, so hear about market trends very early

While Payce was developing the product at the end of 2014, most of the competitors were creating complex ACA reports that required a lot of manual analysis and data entry to maintain. If Payce would have reacted to competition, they would have done the same thing, but instead the company created an innovative solution that removed most of the manual work from ACA compliance and provided simple to use graphs, warnings, and summarized drill-down reports to provide status updates. “The response from the clients and prospects was over whelmingly positive,” extols Lindenmuth

Moving ahead, Payce seeks to continue offering advanced HCM offerings, expanded employee self-service, HR analytics, and document management features. “For the coming year, these are the areasto which we expect to devote most of our HCM project resources,” ends Lindenmuth.


Towson, MD

Josh Lindenmuth, Chief Information Officer

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