Paychex: End-to-end Human Resource Management

Mike Gioja, Senior Vice President, IT, Product Management & Development
SMBs and large enterprises differ on many fronts—resources, money, and time-to-market. Still, people run all businesses whether small or large. Regardless of size, employees are vital assets, and a well-established and maintained HR department is indispensible for business success. In case of SMBs, the biggest pain point is gaining access to the same HR technology and service solutions that larger enterprises are able to benefit from. “Features and functions once considered exclusively for the largest businesses continue to move down market,” says Mike Gioja, Senior Vice President of IT, Product Management and Development, Paychex (PAYX NASDAQGS, Market Cap: $16.44 billion). SMB owners, on par with their larger counterparts want applications to identify and recruit talented employees, quickly onboard them, drive employee engagement, and offer them a unique experience customized to their needs. “That’s where Paychex comes in, and why we’ve launched Paychex Flex,” remarks Gioja.

Paychex Flex is a single SaaS platform built from scratch, to serve SMBs’ Human Capital Management (HCM) needs. The platform gives businesses access to a full-suite of services which ranges from payroll, taxes, and time and attendance, to recruiting, benefits administration, retirement, and everything in between. It provides a modular, end-to-end integrated platform that can be customized to each user’s needs through configurable options, and supported by expert, flexible service. Paychex Flex gives users access to centralized and integrated data, an intuitive user interface, and mobile technology, allowing them to work smarter.

Built on a single platform, using a single data profile for each employee that serves as the master source for all transactions, Paychex Flex ensures real-time accuracy across every one of its robust and customizable applications.

The Paychex Flex Mobile App gives employers the ability to do anything they want on any device,with access to the fullest set of employee data available ‘on the go’ in addition to plan-level views of retirement, health, and benefit accountsLikewise, employees share visibility into a wide set of personal and benefits data and functionality via the free apps for iOS and Android, or through any browser.
They can make profile updates; enroll in, view, and update benefits; access policies, procedures, and employee documents; and view paystubs. Employees can also check retirement balances and update allocations, and even punch in and out of the time and attendance system.

“Our roots are in payroll, and we are well known for it in the industry. But over the course of our 40 year-history, we’ve grown our product offerings,” says Gioja. Paychex is expanding further into the HR, employee benefits, and business services space. The company now offers retirement services, business and health insurance, hiring and applicant tracking, HR services, accounting online, and payment processing, to name just a few. “While the SMB market is our sweet spot, our offerings can also meet the needs of organizations in excess of 1,000 employees,” he adds.

While the SMB market is our sweet spot, our offerings can also meet the needs of organizations in excess of 1,000 employees

Moving forward, one of the areas Paychex wants to focus on is continuous delivery. “Our goal is to create foundational infrastructure and platform solutions that allow self-service for our developers, test, and operations organization, enabling us to receive quick feedback, and reduce our time to release features, enhancements, and fixes,” says Gioja. In addition, consumerization of IT is driving the design of Paychex’s user interface. “We’re designing our UI to be a positive user experience that fits the needs of administrators and employees,” concludes Gioja.


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Mike Gioja, Senior Vice President, IT, Product Management & Development

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