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Kermit S. Randa, CEO
PeopleAdmin CEO Kermit Randa observes that there is a unique relationship between education and government—the interdependencies, the need for compliance and the societal mission. Technology plays a critical role in maintaining this association by aiding in employing the right people for the right jobs. Organizations today, however, find it challenging to integrate talent management technology, even though many know they need new, data-driven processes and analytics to hire and retain employees that fit best with their missions. Today’s typical Human Resources (HR) department is in a constant state of struggle to recruit top talent, assess employee performance, leverage available data, and adopt technology strategies that drive efficiencies, missions, and desired outcomes. “Also, schools and government agencies want solutions that help create stronger workforces through greater equality, diversity and inclusion, and tools that aid employee advancement,” Randa says. PeopleAdmin, as a growing talent management technology company, supports the goals of education and government by providing innovative solutions that offer strategic insight into the entire talent management life cycle. “Our software enables organizations to improve operational efficiencies, minimize risk, address compliance concerns, promote diversity, inclusion and equality, and skillfully develop the people they need to create the workplace they want,” Randa says. “We continually strive to provide that with an exceptional customer experience and a strong, insightful partnership.”

The company’s software, deployed in the cloud, offers easy setup and built-in best practices to help customers recruit, hire, develop, retain, engage and motivate a diverse, results-oriented, high-performing workforce. PeopleAdmin presents TalentEd Suite for K-12 schools and school districts, which makes hiring, evaluating, and developing teachers easier. As a talent management suite, it offers the solutions options of Discover, Recruit & Hire, Perform and Records, assisting organizations in identifying talent, automating the hiring process, and evaluating and managing faculty and staff. It is designed to be configurable on demand by the administrative end user, through frequent automatic updates and feature additions.
At the K-12 level, the company also offers SchoolSpring—an education job portal that offers an online platform for job search.

On the higher education frontier, PeopleAdmin offers SelectSuite, a solution designed to automate and improve a school’s talent management activities, including applicant tracking. Through this suite, the company helps customers boost productivity and enhance the employee experience by aligning individual goals with the institution’s mission through an automated, online system. SelectSuite integrates assessments from any source, applies intelligent rules for qualifying and ranking applicants, manages eligible lists, notifies status changes and exam dates, and automates the certification process. With a keen understanding of civil service laws and regulations, the company extends SelectSuite for government hiring as well.

Our solutions help our customers engage the right candidates with dramatic financial and time savings as a result

“Our solutions help our customers engage the right candidates with dramatic financial and time savings as a result,” Randa says. For instance, Gonzaga University saved nearly three-quarters of million dollars a year reducing employee and manager staff time completing evaluation processes.
The company is committed to growth to better serve its customers, and this year alone acquired two talent management leaders in the K-12 market. PeopleAdmin has recently introduced a virtual training lab program, recognizing the importance of empowering customers to use the technology it provides. These targeted investments are made via a large R&D budget, Randa says. The company regularly receives feedback through PeopleConnect—an annual customer conference for higher education and government that helps shape the company’s product roadmap.


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Kermit S. Randa, CEO

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