WorkCompass: Demystifying Change in Performance Management Arena

Denis Coleman, CEO
Whether it is a hectic day at work or an enthralling race in his Yacht, Denis Coleman is always in the hot seat navigating through rough waters. As a manager, he oversees a team of employees, daily tasks and activities, ensuring the operations are running smoothly which is similar to the way he has to supervise his crew to navigate the constantly changing wind, tides, and waves, out in the open ocean. “To build a hardworking and strong team, every team member’s performance needs to be managed, which adds up to the productivity,” adds Coleman, CEO, WorkCompass. Committed to bettering performance management in the workplace and making the process streamlined, WorkCompass provides online employee performance reviews and management software solutions.

Traditional performance management systems work as a forced-fit exercise for measuring performance—affecting staff engagement, costing human resource managers’ time, and reducing business productivity. WorkCompass’s solutions are built to negate such issues, enabling organizations to manage employee performance, lower turnover, and better their staff engagement methods. “Our easy-to-use web-based secure performance management and review software trains managers to regularly analyze their employee performance, and helps them to measure their employees’ behav-ior,” mentions Coleman.

“Nowadays, engineers and accountants are often put into management roles without any prior training, leading to miscommunication between the managers and subordinates, and thus culminating in the disruption of the annual performance evaluation,” articulates Coleman. Work Compass uses machine learning to understand each employees performance level and identify when they need some performance coaching. The firm then tailors a guide for the required performance-coaching meeting and sends it to the employee’s manager. “This enables managers to have the right conver-sations at the right time and get the highest level of performance from their team,” adds Coleman.

Based in Saratoga, CA, WorkCompass through its single screen online performance planner enables its users to edit and store information related to staff profile in their user-friendly dashboard. In addition, the firm allows managers to add milestones to track employee progress, monitor behavior to underline high performance, filter data, and generate meaningful insights about organizations performance graphically. Through all this WorkCompass has brought a wave of transformation in the performance management arena, and has successfully guided almost 94 percent of its users to continuous performance management system.
Aiming at identifying and recruiting the best talent, “We offer a stringent performance management process, that allow our customers to successfully raise their team’s value enabling them to earn higher revenues per employee, resulting in business growth,” states Coleman.

WorkCompass with its unique talent management solution has helped managers achieve their objectives and increase their team and organization’s performance drastically by 11.2 percent at every level. WorkCompass allows employees to receive feedback on his/her performance, at regular intervals, which in turn enables managers to distinguish between low, average, or high performing employees.

For instance, one of WorkCompass’s clients faced performance management issues that proved to be demotivating for their employees. To overcome this issue, the customer adopted WorkCompass’s so-lutions. The client replaced their existing paper-based system with online performance management system, helping the managers to bridge the communication gap with the team members resulting in effectively tracking and regulating employee performance.

Our easy-to-use web-based secure performance management and review software trains managers to regularly analyze their employee performance, and helps them to measure their employees’ behavior

“We helped our customer with agile planning, performance management of the individual employees, increasing team value and utilizing employee’s talent for driving the organization to success,” says Coleman.

In the upcoming years, Coleman and his team will work towards increasing their company’s revenue by bringing more geographical diversity, especially making inroads into UK and the U.S. Furthermore, “We work towards modernizing continuous performance evaluation techniques, and increasing client base by transforming the management theory into high-performance practice,” concludes Coleman.


Saratoga, CA

Denis Coleman, CEO

Provider of performance management software that enable organizations to actively manage employee performance, lower turnover, and better staff engagement