Evolution: HCM Technology at Its Best

David Meagher, President
Apart from addressing painful HR management challenges, Human Capital Management (HCM) is gaining momentum as it manages the full spectrum of the workforce. Unified HCM platforms make it easier and faster to scrutinize employee requirements within an organization. iSystems, the company behind the Evolution HCM software, located in South Burlington, VT provides market-leading SaaS software, tools and services that pave the way for amalgamated HCM operations.

Evolution has long been recognized as the software platform for payroll and HR service providers with the best payroll and tax management engine and the most comprehensive back-end service bureau tools in the industry. Now, with its newly-expanded suite of HCM and analytics software, Evolution provides a single-platform solution for service providers of all sizes. “We have set a vision on being the number one platform provider of HCM technologies for service providers in the marketplace,” says David Meagher, President, Evolution.

Evolution HCM is an end-to-end, single source solution providing payroll and tax management, applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, HR administration, employee and manager portal, leave management, analytics, ACA reporting, and more. This robust software helps build a more engaged and connected workforce. “We do not use technology for the sake of it; we put a lot of careful thought into how to implement the right technology for our clients,” says Meagher.

The Evolution HCM product suite includes four key Evolution products: Evolution Payroll, Evolution Advanced HR, Evolution API Gateway and Evolution Analytics. Each of these core products defines the HCM suite with their features and functionality along with keeping ACA and tax compliance first and foremost.

Evolution Payroll is a payroll and tax management system that provides features, flexibility, and best practices to handle nearly any type of payroll, regardless of the complexity. Integrated in Evolution Payroll is Virtual Mail Room (VMR), the solution with a unique ability to print and route every pay slip and document that the payroll system generates.

We do not use technology for the sake of it; we put in a lot of careful thought on how to implement the right technology for our clients

Evolution Advanced HR is a full-featured HRIS solution that offers a unique combination of employee collaboration and traditional workforce. Evolution Advanced HR stores all employee information and documentation in one place. With one click, employees have access to update their information, as needed. Employees can access pay history, manage their direct deposit accounts, request time off, and view and enroll in benefits during open enrollment periods. Managers greatly benefit from Evolution Advanced HR as well with easy access to HR functions enabling them to manage timesheets, punches, and leave requests with ease. Managers also have a real-time view as to where tasks and pending approvals stand.

Evolution Analytics provides Key Value Indicators (KVI) that focus on earnings analysis, employee turnover, employee count, ACA data and more. Evolution Analytics takes raw payroll data and transforms the data into interactive and easy-to-read dashboards. These dashboards provide valuable insight, allowing the service providers’ clients to make and track logical decisions.

Evolution ensures its service providers and their clients have all of their needs met by using the Evolution API Gateway. The Evolution API Gateway allows strategic partners to offer complimentary services and features to enhance Evolution.

Evolution’s partnership with its service providers is a symbiotic one, when “they grow, we grow”. This is why Evolution offers extensive training, online resources, marketing tool kits and more. “We work very collaboratively with our clients. We provide the software and the expertise needed to run Evolution effectively and efficiently,” added Kathey Palmer, SVP-Sales and Marketing, Evolution.


South Burlington, VT

David Meagher, President and Kathey S. Palmer SVP-Sales & Marketing

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