Paychex [NASDAQ: PAYX]: Innovative Technology for Integrated Human Capital Management

Mike Gioja, SVP- IT, Product Management & Development
Today’s digitally driven, ever changing, and often complex business environment means more challenges than ever for a company’s human resources team. HR professionals now have responsibility for a greater number of activities that directly affect a company’s success, from finding, recruiting, and retaining talented individuals, to meeting employees’ expectations for on-demand access to their HR information, to keeping up with regulatory and compliance issues.

Paychex [NASDAQ: PAYX] helps businesses navigate issues like these by managing and implementing all or some of their company’s HR functions. For organizations with one employee to more than 1000, Paychex offers a unique combination of innovative technology, service and expertise that meets each client’s current needs and anticipates future requirements. The company’s core technology platform, Paychex Flex, delivers one of the most comprehensive mobile and cloud-based technology suites available for integrated human capital management.

The Paychex Flex suite of services includes Payroll, HRIS, Benefits Administration, Employee Self-Service, Onboarding, Recruiting and Applicant Management, Time and Attendance, Employer Shared Responsibility Reporting and Monitor ing, and Insurance Services. Paychex clients and their employees access Paychex Flex through a single sign-on and a single mobility application for a consistent, unified and feature-rich experience across devices.

“As a technology-enabled service company, we firmly believe that technology is only as good as the service that comes with it. That’s why we moved to a single SaaS model to serve all our clients,” said Mike Gioja, Senior Vice President of IT, Product Management and Development, Paychex. “By taking a different approach to the way we built our technology—on an open, single platform that we own—we can effectively and efficiently integrate our own products as well as those from our strategic partners.”

Paychex Flex was also designed differently, allowing simultaneous changes to payroll, HR and employee information without limitations and giving administrators the ability to toggle between personal and admin tasks at any time. In addition, mobile applications provide capabilities for both administrators and employees.

By taking a different approach to the way we built our technology, we can effectively and efficiently integrate our own products as well as those from our strategic partners

“The Paychex platform was built to be as flexible as our clients need it to be, empowering users to do what they want, where they want, when they want, and how they want,” said Gioja. “All key features of Paychex Flex work independently so that clients can purchase only what they need.”

To better serve clients and provide greater innovation through its Flex offerings, Paychex completely transformed its software product development to a pure agile approach in 2014. Among the benefits to customers: a significant increase in the number of product features, improved time to market with more frequent, smaller releases that deliver key functionalities, and a more predictable roadmap for new releases.

The evolution of Paychex’s service model rounds out its position as a technology-enabled service company. Coinciding with Paychex’s adoption of the agile approach to product development, the past two years were spent developing an online service model that complements dedicated service specialists and a 24/7 call center.

Andrew Childs, VP - Marketing
“Paychex empowers business owners to efficiently focus on managing and growing their business,” concludes Andrew Childs, Vice President of Marketing, Paychex. “Into the future, we’re going to help businesses continue to do just that by delivering technology solutions that improve HR workflows and offering a best-in-class experience to enhance the employee journey.”


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Mike Gioja, SVP- IT, Product Management & Development and Andrew Childs, VP - Marketing

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