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Arthur E. Pereless, CEO & President
Human Resources (HR) and recruiting are the most mission-critical functions in any organization. Without a solid process and people to manage HR practices, businesses are mostly at the risk of failing to meet their productivity goals. The founders of New Jersey based Pereless Systems saw a growing need in the HR arena to organize, streamline, and enhance HR processes via cloud based SaaS solutions that Pereless first introduced in the late 1990’s. Additionally, they believed that HR recruiters play a major role in the strategic focus and revenue generation within any organization. “We have redefined the definition of traditional Human Capital Management to support the entire lifecycle of recruiting, hiring, and post-employment service activities through a suite of comprehensive Web-based applications,” begins Arthur E. Pereless, President and CEO of Pereless Systems. The company helps its customers position themselves more effectively by providing stronger and broader (HR) functionality that has a positive impact to any company’s bottom-line.

Pereless Systems provides affordable Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)— Pereless Systems i7 to companies of all sizes to meet their investment criteria. From the Enterprise clients that will utilize all of the robust functionality to the SMB that may only require a fraction of the technology, Pereless has branded a “pay as you grow” philosophy which allows the software to scale in tandem with the company’s needs.

“At the start of the hiring lifecycle, users can draft job descriptions push them out for approval and post them to multiple boards from one application,” explains Pereless. Candidates, who want to apply for a job can then upload their information, take part in pre-screening questions, and undergo skill assessments as part of this full automation.

Pereless is always developing software that meets the needs of today’s on the go applicant. “We start by building our clients a mobile responsive career portal that mimics the exact look and feel of their website so that the candidate experience is seamless when moving about the site,” Pereless believes that the career portal is one of the most important properties on any company’s website.

Pereless Systems has redefined the definition of traditional Human Capital Management to support the entire lifecycle of recruiting

We are not only advertising jobs but we are further enhancing the branding strategy of the client through this rich media portal.

Another very important portal is ProLink (CRM) Candidate Relationship Management, this Proactive recruiting tool allows the company to find and engage applicants that meet the specific criteria to a client’s project.

Pereless’ pre-screening and I-skills module allows clients to build detailed questions that can be asked at the career page and Intranet level to score and assess candidates to directly push them into an appropriate workflow.

In an instance, one of the company’s larger logistics clients’ was receiving 100’s of applications weekly for one of their mission critical positions. The client needed a solution to assist in the selection of the most qualified workers while decreasing attrition rates for these positions. The customer needed an assessment partner. Pereless immediately integrated the selected provider into Pereless’ core solution. “We were able to handle this task and now the company can make further qualified decisions with the use of this assessment, resulting in decreased time to fill metrics for these positions,” adds Pereless.

Pereless has big plans for the future, “We will continue to deliver ‘Best of Breed’ software while increasing our global footprint. We will continue to set the standard in Customer service and deliver stronger, faster and smarter solutions to our clients worldwide,” concludes Pereless.

Pereless Systems

Red Bank, NJ

Arthur E. Pereless, CEO & President

Providing paperless recruiting process while retaining valuable candidate records for reporting through an innovative, web-based ATS solution

Pereless Systems