Reliant: Integrated Talent Management Platform to Streamline Workforce

Dr. Chris Wright, Founder, President & CEO
In today’s challenging global economy, workforce requirements are shifting in response to economic, social and demographic trends. The need to proficiently align talent with business strategy by creating and implementing a talent management approach becomes a paramount necessity for an organization. Tulsa, OK-based Reliant, a provider of talent management software, empowers clients by offering solutions that helps them to meet challenges in the human resource arena. “An effective talent management strategy starts with hiring the right people,” states Dr. Chris Wright, CEO, Reliant Live.

Believing in its core value of, ‘Everyone deserves a job they love’, the firm provides Talent Management solutions that help clients create an environment that their employees love and that keeps them engaged. Based on current demands and trends, Reliant’s integrated talent management system delivers a seamless employee experience by offering access to a variety of training, learning, performance and development opportunities. Often the expense and time it takes to implement and/or integrate a TMS, compels companies to find a single provider. “With our TMS platform, companies need not implement different solutions from multiple vendors for Learning, Performance and Succession,” explains Wright. Apart from providing solutions like—assessments, succession planning, surveys and business analytics; the company also offers consulting, talent benchmark, individual coaching, and team coaching services delivered by experienced Ph.D. consultants.

Wright believes that every employee needs to know how they are performing and their career opportunities. “If managers don’t have the tools to give their employees meaningful feedback, their employees cannot grow, and ultimately, they will leave the organization.” The company’s Performance Management tools assist employees to develop their core competencies and work to improve using structured development plans that they create with their manager.

With our TMS platform, companies need not implement different solutions from multiple vendors

Leaders can assign tasks for employees to work on with specific due dates. In addition, both leader and employee can add feedback and progress notes during the development plan cycles. “Creating a development plan ensures that both the leader and manager are engaged together to help improve employee performance,” says Wright. Moreover, Reliant’s dashboards and scorecards allow managers and leaders to track individual and team performance, turnover, retention test scores and many other business critical HR metrics.

The company’s services not only help their customers in managing their present talent, they also help them in preparing future leaders to be ready when called upon. “Our succession planning solution assures that the right leaders with the organization will be ready when their time comes,” elucidates Wright. Highlighting their differentiating factor, Wright says, “We deliver the best implementation and support experiences for our clients.” The firm’s consultants help clients to identify, select, develop and engage the high performers. Reliant’s Talent Benchmark process helps identify the DNA of star performers and the impact they have on the business. “We can then create custom benchmarks for our personality and skills assessments to help a client hire more people who have the same characteristics and skills as their highest performers,” says Wright.

“Creating the right talent management strategies and processes is much more important than the software,” affirms Wright. Over the years, Reliant has expanded rapidly and has plans to extend their footprint in the restaurant and retail industry. “Our partnership with PeopleMatter has led to the addition of many new clients who are pioneering some very innovative practices in the restaurant and retail industry,” extols Wright.


Tulsa, OK

Dr. Chris Wright, Founder, President & CEO

Provider of an integrated Talent Management platform including a Learning Management System, performance management, employee development, social learning and succession planning solutions