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Sean Fitzpatrick, Founder & President
“You’ve got to find what you love,” said Steve Jobs during his 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University, a statement that reflected the way organizations were already discovering the need for engagement. However, 11 years later, where do millennials stand when it comes to work culture? Are they positively encouraged and engaged? How does an organization quantify that engagement and how do they keep their employees focused? Company management teams are in a constant search for an effective strategy to enhance their employee’s engagement and escalate productivity. To meet these needs, Sean Fitzpatrick, Founder and President of TalentMap saw the path that the workforce was going and created TalentMap in 2000. Fitzpatrick’s plan, to measure employee drivers and create actionable plans that make a difference in the lives of people and the organizations they work for. He knows that one size does not fit all; HR professionals should customize their employee initiatives and policies accordingly. “Our aim is to learn the unique needs of different employee segments and help HR managers design programs and initiatives aligned with unique employee needs,” says Fitzpatrick.

Being a leading employee engagement survey provider for the last 16 years, TalentMap has developed a software platform and a services methodology that appeals to a wide audience. With the ultimate goal to measure and improve employee engagement, TalentMap offers ‘Standard Surveys’ and ‘Custom Surveys’. Standard Surveys are comprised of proven survey questionnaires linked to impressive benchmark databases giving HR professionals a true gauge of how their engagement levels stack-up. Custom surveys are most often used by companies facing unique operational circumstances. Additional to engagement surveys, TalentMap deploys Entry/Exit Surveys for flawless recruitment, employee retention and efficient collection of feedback from departing employees. Rounded out by 360 Surveys designed to assist managers in the development of skills and abilities through multi-source feedback, participatory workshops, and personal improvement action plans.

Our aim is to learn the unique needs of different employee segments and help HR managers design programs and initiatives aligned with unique employee needs

TalentMap’s Pulse Survey is programmed to get better insights about employee’s personal view about their work experience in a shorter time frame and act accordingly on the feedback. “The pulse surveys are typically designed with one or two questions, sent out to employees on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annual basis,” says Fitzpatrick. TalentMap has weaved all of their surveys with their deep expertise around survey process and knowledge, analyzing data to build better relationships, predictive models, and link the results with social metrics. “A survey can’t be research heavy, it should enable HR managers to effectively use the data and drive the organization’s success.”

With the advancement of technology and the HR profession, TalentMap has kept up through the innovation of sophisticated but user-friendly tools. They enable millennials to be productive on the go with its survey platform which is compatible with MAC desktops, iPhone, android mobiles, blackberry, or any tablets. They recently launched their TGO SaaS platform for organizations needing to take internal control of the deployment process but that still require the advanced methodology of TalentMap’s experience.

Driven by his conviction of teaching, Fitzpatrick organizes various workshops and webinars at TalentMap to educate the marketplace about the value of employee engagement. Knowing that innovation is a key driver of engagement, his team is currently designing new platforms such as a smart phone app for pulse surveys, and linking engagement scores with social media like Glassdoor and LinkedIn as well as health related metrics from fitness tracking devices like Fitbit. “Because an engaged life and engaged work is beneficial for both organization and society,” ends Fitzpatrick.


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Sean Fitzpatrick, Founder & President

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