EverythingBenefits: Building A Better Benefits Experience

Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO
While the Payroll, Human Capital Management (HCM) and Insurance industries often seem to be worlds apart, there is one company that has set out to take the employee benefits experience to new heights by delivering the best in benefits products, services and technologies. Most professionals operating within the Payroll/ HCM and benefits ecosystems agree that the benefits landscape is multifaceted and complex; strategies implemented by many organizations seldom meet their intended goals. “Bridging these worlds together through effective communication and timely and accurate delivery are the two biggest challenges businesses and individuals face when dealing with benefits insurance,” begins Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO of EverythingBenefits.

The company allows employers, employees, HCM providers, and benefits providers to seamlessly engage with one another through its next-generation, end-to-end benefits management solutions and services. Headquartered in New Providence, New Jersey, EverythingBenefits helps its clients reduce the burden of benefits administration by providing a centralized communications hub as well as a suite of easy-to-use technology solutions, which complement most existing payroll & human resources software used today.

“Many mid-sized businesses lack the infrastructure to effectively manage their employee benefits. Through our integrations with Carriers and Payroll/HCM providers, we provide a robust platform of solutions that facilitate information exchange, simplify benefits processes, and put employers in the driver seat to make better decisions about their number one cost-driver after compensation,” explains Rachel. EverythingBenefits’ vision is to leverage next-generation technology to make benefits simple for all industry players.

Having established a stronghold at the crossroads between the Payroll, Human Resources, and insurance provider spaces, EverythingBenefits offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, including benefits enrollment, decision support, new hire reporting, premium reconciliation, billing consolidation, COBRA Administration, as well as benefits and retirement plan integrations. The benefits enrollment and COBRA Administration solutions, for example, track eligibility, manage coverage timelines, and provide quicker access towards benefits, all while helping employers meet compliance requirements. EverythingBenefits designed its unique solutions to accommodate their clients’ needs and stay on top of shifting demands and compliance requirements in an evolving benefits space.

We provide a unified version to the HCM, abstracting complexity and translating in a consistent language that everyone on the receiving end can understand

Since its inception, EverythingBenefits has marked its unique presence in the industry by assisting organizations to streamline their benefits processes and make it easy for employees to communicate with insurers. While explaining the unique value proposition of EverythingBenefits in the HR technology landscape, Rachel recalled an instance wherein the company helped a client identify mistakes on their insurance invoices. Normally, the process of premium reconciliation is a laborious effort that takes time away from the human resources or benefits administrator. EverythingBenefits assisted the client company locate the sources of their premium leakage and identify potential liability areas, saving them thousands of dollars in billing overpayments and administration costs.

The company has a strong culture of innovation that embraces change from inside and out by encouraging and supporting new ideas from its team members, constantly observing emerging industry trends, and incorporating insights from its distribution partners and clients. EverythingBenefits supports its partner network with a unique partnership program designed to foster innovation at every level of the partner company–from marketing and sales to operations and support. The company also aims to continue developing deep learning features within its cloud platform to drive improved and intuitive decision-making for employers and employees. Ultimately, EverythingBenefits looks forward to stepping into a global market and ushering big data-driven insights into their client ecosystems. “We pride ourselves on our network of stakeholders both on the HCM and payroll side as well as insurance carriers,” says Rachel. By extending these relationships, EverythingBenefits drives these different worlds to engage more meaningfully with each other than ever.


New Providence, NJ

Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO

Provider of next-generation, end-to-end benefits management solutions and services