SINGLEForm: Next Generation HR Management Solution

Joe Ergonis, Founder & CEO
Joe Ergonis, a military veteran with over four decades of experience as a sales professional in Fortune 1000 companies, understands the challenge businesses owners’ face managing the workflow of their hiring process. Back in 2001, when he was approached by two young entrepreneurs with an idea to start a staffing company, little did he know that he was about to embark on a journey that can remold this HR logistical maze. As Billy Kent and Jason Russell opened the doors to their staffing agency, RPC Company, Ergonis conceived an avant-garde paperless, compliant, and simpler staffing solution— SINGLEForm—that has now evolved into a platform for automated supervisory management, compliance, and oversight throughout a company’s entire employee lifecycle. At its core, SINGLEForm is an intelligent hiring work flow engine that improves the business conduct of industries by automating their hiring process, securing their employee data, and protecting them from potential fines, audits, and litigation.

Designed in a high-volume, fast-paced staffing environment, Ergonis released SINGLEForm in the market in 2008. With the program, his company was able to handle 3,000 hires with only half a full-time employee. The company’s unified and secure software platform treads a smart methodology to automate the vast complexities of the hiring process through a powerful policy based workflow engine. This automation works wonders in revolutionizing the way an employee is hired; mitigating risk while increasing productivity in the recruitment process, in a cost-effective fashion. Specifically designed for the staffing industry, SINGLEForm focuses on provisioning a paperless environment that securely collects and distributes accurate data across the enterprise. “SINGLEForm supervises the hiring process in a paperless environment which ensures, reduces and increases compliance within client’s company, as well as reduces the risk and fines,” explains Ergonis. With an intuitive web/GUI interface, the software’s supervisory capabilities span early warning alerts and double blind typing for perfect execution of every HR task.

As a pay-as-you-go service, with no hidden fees, SINGLEForm eliminates the cost of conventional paperwork and provides sophistication in processing workflow of recruits and filing of necessary forms. The service provides a straight forward, easily understood questionnaire form to the employees of the client’s company, which auto populates with information, and with its inbuilt alert system, prevents employees from leaving significant blanks in the slides.

SINGLEForm supervises the hiring process in a paperless environment which ensures, reduces and increases compliance within client’s company, as well as reduces the risk and fines

Additionally, the software facilitates a thorough background check and drug testing reports for each new hire, aligned automatically with the corporate policy criteria. SINGLEForm audits the rejection and acceptance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance plan that requires a minimum of 50 employees’ enrollment, to keep the client’s company updated with the ACA guidelines. The software’s cross-check screen functionality also assesses Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) eligibility information of new hires, helping its clients maximize tax benefits.

From the security perspective, the software uses a cloud-based storage system that provides guaranteed access, retention, availability, and enterprise level securities to their data such as Form i-9 documents, and W-4s. The paperless solution has proven very effective in reducing the recruitment and HR management paperwork of the RPC Company—a multi-million dollar company that recruits as many as three thousand people per year.

Ergonis’ vision has helped SINGLEForm reach its current stature in provisioning effective time management by eradicating the time-consuming process of filing, auditing and creating forms by automating the process altogether. Elaborating on the prospects, Ergonis emphasizes on his willingness to partner with different investors to enhance the software according to the requirements of the dynamic market environment. SINGLEForm has set the wheels in motion to reserve a spot for itself at the vanguard of the process automation to solve a plethora of challenges for healthcare, insurance, government contractors and Certified Public Accountant (CPA) industries.


Dallas, TX

Joe Ergonis, Founder & CEO

Provides paperless human resource management solution