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Pamela Glick, CEO It is just another day for Pamela Glick, CEO of SyncHR. The phone rings with a call from a recently onboarded customer. The customer explains, “You’ve taken our HR systems from being the ‘Flinstones’ to the ‘Jetsons’—this is fantastic.”

For a company that started in 2010 and launched a radically different HCM platform in 2014, SyncHR has been on a rocket-ship ride of success, nearly doubling its customer base every year since.

So what’s the big deal about SyncHR? It boils down to being different.

“When John Cuellar and Gary Durbin founded SyncHR in 2010, they had a bold idea in mind,” recalls Pamela. “It was to build something radically different, modern, innovative. In doing so, we could provide underserved mid-sized companies the same access and control over their HR data and automation that the large enterprises enjoy, without all the complexity and overhead cost.”

Today, by streamlining core HR, benefits, payroll and reporting in a single, enterprise-class application for mid-sized businesses, SyncHR has created a new reality in human capital management (HCM), making centralized, interrelated data easy to access, correct, control, and analyze, anytime. The firm has truly emerged as a leader in bringing state-of-the-art HCM solutions by unifying and completely synchronizing the single core system of record. Through unprecedented automation, the SyncHR team of industry veterans and visionaries has simplified the complexity of HCM and has developed what they call their patented “Time Machine” technology that saves time, increases productivity, and delivers superior economic value for businesses. While SyncHR’s dedicated services and customer care teams deliver industry-leading implementation times, its intuitive interface creates an enhanced user experience for employees and administrators, turning their client’s experience into an all-around benefit spree.

"We provide underserved mid-sized companies with the same access and control over their HR data and automation that the large enterprises enjoy"

Redefining and Simplifying HCM

For many years, human resources management (HRM) was viewed simply as the enterprise function responsible for staffing and personnel-related issues, such as recruiting and hiring, establishing employment policies, handling pay and retirement plans, and administering benefits. In recent years, however, company executives have been shifting their viewpoint to see the HR function in an entirely different way. From recruiting, hiring, and training new staff to the transfer of critical functions from the back-office to the frontlines, it is evident that executives are looking to transform HR from a seemingly low priority function into a strategic and vital part of the business.

The adoption by customers and partners across the country continues to validate our position

This applies in particular to mid-sized businesses as they look to compete more widely against larger organizations in today’s globalized market space. “Mid-sized business executives understand the critical link between their people and the bottom line and they realize that to remain competitive in today’s competitive marketplace, employers need to know and manage their employees at a deeper level than previously,” mentions Pamela.

SyncHR’s cutting-edge technology for mid-market companies delivers unparalleled breadth and depth of automation and ushers in novel levels of innovation, which is not found in traditional systems. Underpinned by their indigenous patented technology, SyncHR’s fully-automated and end-to-end Human Capital Management (HCM) software platform provides real-time and accurate data to help executives make better and faster decisions. The platform includes a full HCM suite with features extending from talent management to learning, recruiting, and time and attendance.

SyncHR’s next generation HCM platform also reduces the manual labor and processes to help HR teams distribute the workload, automate the employee lifecycle, and better engage their workforce. This enables organizations in controlling and simplifying their payroll processes and relieving administrative burdens from the HR team. Through the platform, SyncHR provides HR leaders and executives with unprecedented control and insights into their organizational data for an immediate understanding of the impact of any spend transaction. Embedded reports, along with a single-core reports repository and an adhoc report building tool enables organizations with the access to this data anywhere and anytime. The platform creates a perfect balance of accessibility, flexibility, and control. With an aim to deliver a NetSuite-optimized platform, SyncHR’s HCM application also pushes the financial results to NetSuite through the SyncHR SuiteApp, which increases productivity and data accuracy for its users. The SuiteApp provides NetSuite end-users with improved analytics and financial reporting features, including real-time budget-to-actual reporting and true headcount tracking capabilities.

Optimized Delivery Methodology

In a world where most HCM systems typically take months or even years to fully deploy, SyncHR has reset the bar for what’s possible when it comes to implementation and onboarding. SyncHR customers are fully operational within 90 days in most cases. There’s two main reasons SyncHR is able to dramatically fast-track onboarding. First, SyncHR’s advanced technology core allows IT to auto-configure, significantly reducing manual setup work. Second, SyncHR applies enterprise-grade tools to help cleanse system data before moving it into SyncHR. This not only ensures customers to start with a pristine, clean system, but it also eliminates downstream implementation problems.

In addition to its technology, SyncHR takes a business approach to implementation versus the more typical technical approach.
For example, each customer is assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager whose sole job is to translate the customers’ business goals into technical requirements for the implementation team. This ensures customers get precisely what they want and need, as well as minimizes miscommunications or errors.

Another major difference with SyncHR’s unique onboarding approach is that customers can begin using the system almost immediately. SyncHR offers what they call a “Fast Track” data load using a subset of the customer’s data and default settings. “We onboard our clients into the system within the first two to three weeks after running multiple iterations to understand their requirements and pain points,” Pamela explains. After zeroing-in on the requirements, they optimize the capabilities of the platform accordingly.

Onboarding help doesn’t just stop at implementation. The firm also works with customers to improve internal processes and leverage the full capabilities of SyncHR’s modern technology. For example, SyncHR recently helped a large property management company redesign their payroll processes, reducing processing time from three days to half-a-day!

‘Sync’hronizing the Future of ‘HR’

SyncHR invests heavily in continually innovating and improving its platform. Additionally, in the quest to maintain a collaborative, long-term, and close-knit partnership with its customers, the firm reserves around 30 percent of its annual R&D budget for customer-specific requests. They operate multiple locations in order to stay close to their customers and to fulfill their aim of reimagining how companies engage, empower, and leverage their workforces toward achieving their business objectives. On a personal level, Pamela believes in a mantra; “‘Passion, Think Big, Think Different, Collaboration and, Character Counts,’ these are the four core values that drive SyncHR toward success,” she says.

2016 and 2017 have both been very successful for SyncHR; they have witnessed unprecedented growth, widespread adoption of its automated HCM platform, new product innovations, and continued strong market momentum. “The adoption by customers and partners across the country continues to validate our position and the one-of-a-kind innovation we are bringing to the HCM industry,” adds Pamela. SyncHR recently enhanced its platform functionality with expanded capabilities in areas such as time and attendance, recruiting, and ERP integration. In addition, they also rolled out Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting and total compensation reporting solution enhancements.

With significant backing from well know VC firms, including the original investors of WorkDay, the firm aims to grow its business and expertise for the underserved mid-market enterprises. SyncHR is all set to continue moving up the market and endow its clients with more flexibility in their workflow and security processes in the times to come.


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Pamela Glick, CEO

An HCM cloud-based technology firm streamlining core HR, benefits, payroll and reporting in a single, enterprise-class application for mid-sized businesses

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