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Thomas Schneck, President
In today’s recruitment space, automating and modernizing a company’s hiring process can go a long way in creating an impression on a candidate. An organization that presents itself as outdated can negatively influence a prospect’s decision to seek employment with it. Compounding the problem, HR departments continue to use manual processes with endless paperwork that have a high risk of human errors. Through automation, companies can go paperless and enhance the tracking and security of documents while boosting the interest of potential employees. “DocuWare relieves HR departments of burdensome paper chasing and document administration, allowing them to focus more on high-value tasks,” says Thomas Schneck, president of DocuWare. With DocuWare Kinetic Solutions for Employee Management, HR departments can also implement granular security and tracking capabilities to monitor all the information related to a document’s security and access.

Conventionally, the recruitment process, from job application processing to the final notification for hiring a candidate and the onboarding of an employee, is highly paper-intensive. With DocuWare Kinetic Solution for Employee Management, organizations can automate and execute these steps with ease and accuracy. The solution digitizes employee documents within a centralized and secure repository, and ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access to the files. It also ensures performance consistency by scheduling interviews with the employed individuals after monitoring and documenting their performance over a year.

Furthermore, the Employee Management solution assists employees with their vacation approval processes by digitizing the entire process and making sure that the appropriate department heads are notified in a timely fashion to avoid complications. In order to provide maximum flexibility, agility and security to DocuWare users, the company utilizes Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. Every time a document is stored in DocuWare’s database, it is mirrored onto two other Microsoft data centers to provide rapid disaster recovery in case of an accident.

DocuWare relieves HR departments of burdensome paper chasing and document administration, allowing them to focus more on high-value tasks

Additionally, to help companies follow and maintain the compliance of documents, DocuWare’s solutions create an audit trail that helps HR departments track documents by recording every instance of where a document is being accessed or edited. With respect to security, DocuWare encrypts documents before transferring it from a data center to a user. “Our products apply to any company that is in need of a solution to guide them through the current regulation and compliance challenges in the competitive job market,” adds Schneck.

Highlighting DocuWare’s value proposition in the recruitment market, Schneck narrates a story where DocuWare assisted a medium-sized, fast-growing IT company fulfill their promise to offer jobs to talented candidates within hours of their interview. The company implemented DocuWare’s solutions and achieved superior internal flexibility to connect all the relevant executives through the creation of a workflow that allowed the company to make offers to suitable prospects. This is a perfect example of how DocuWare helps companies gain a competitive edge over larger corporations that tend to stretch out their hiring process. “Our solutions are not rigid and allow companies to customize our system according to their needs,” explains Schneck.

In the future, DocuWare aims to expand their Kinetic Solutions by adding new pre-configured capabilities such as contract management, sales order processing, and vertical packages.


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Thomas Schneck, President

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