eBenefits: Driving the Employee Engagement Quotient

Kismet Toksu, President
With evolving business environments, HR departments are pushed to take a fresh approach to workforce engagement. Eyeing top talent, HR leaders are revisiting their plans to attract and retain a mobile-driven, multi-generational workforce with manifolds of experience and knowledge. While catering to the personalized needs of a diverse workforce is a challenge for most companies, gaining insights from employee data and maximizing human capital has become a key objective.

As an innovative HR technology solutions company, eBenefits takes an agile approach to the modern requirements of the HR industry with its recently launched cloud-based platform. Kismet Toksu, President of eBenefits, says that introducing the new employee benefits and management platform provides a seamless and intuitive experience in employee communication and engagement.

“The new eBenefits platform delivers modern, HR-inspired capabilities that helps our clients achieve their strategic goals while meeting the needs of a changing, diverse, and multi-generational workforce,” said Toksu. “For employees, eBenefits’ consumer-friendly, mobile-enabled experience provides personalized and supportive interactions that simplify important benefits decisions and positive engagement with HR. Employees find that the new platform is very easy to use across mobile devices and makes the benefits process much easier overall, which will ultimately help with efforts to retain top talent.”

Today’s benefits administration includes many complex responsibilities, including managing eligibility, enrollment, billing, reporting, communication, and related services. eBenefits’ ability to offer a variety of technology tools allows clients to address their unique challenges within benefits administration.

The company’s technologies provide solutions by simplifying complexities for both employees and employers. The modular, cloud-based SAAS platform can be configured to support employee benefit plans managed by HR teams and also enables clients to aggregate a variety of data, analyze it, and strategize to best meet the organization’s future goals.

Our sole motive is to understand our clients’ businesses better and serve them with the best technology and superior services

Six Sigma processes have been built into their technology solutions to support accuracy, scalability, reliability, and service excellence. Using data analytics and insights, the company works as a strategic partner of the HR departments it serves, providing them with the support to engage the employees at every level, which results in tangible business outcomes. Another innovative component of the user experience is a human avatar named “Kate,” a personal online assistant that provides answers to employees’ questions while assisting customers make better decisions as they navigate the site.

With its in-depth knowledge and expertise, eBenefits serves clients with more than 500 employees in industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, utilities, and retail. In addition to helping clients tackle complex business operations, eligibility roles, and operations, eBenefits also offers products which help to simplify ACA measurement and reporting to ensure compliance.

The future vision of eBenefits lies in leveraging innovative technologies that will help to bring new products and services that meet and exceed the evolving needs of their clients. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and data analytics will help improve processes and help HR better manage human capital while evolving benefits administration.


Pittsburgh, PA

Kismet Toksu, President

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